MacPaw – Moonlock Cybersecuritoons

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Company size (employees)500 to 999
Headquarters RegionEurope
Type of solutionHybrid


Moonlock Cybersecuritoons – it is a series of animated videos covering Cybersecurity 101 within only six minutes. A series of cartoons teach wide audience how to stay protected from modern threats in an easy-to-understand way.

In four videos, Moonlock team adapted the following personal cybersecurity topics:
Episode 1: Passwords
Episode 2: Remote Work
Episode 3: Phishing
Episode 4: Malware

This video course is Moonlock’s brand pro bono activity, which combines expert knowledge with ease of understanding. It corresponds to Moonlock’s mission — creating cybersecurity tech for humans by packaging complex technologies into tools anyone can use.

About Moonlock:
Moonlock is a division of MacPaw that focuses exclusively on the cybersecurity needs of Mac users. Moonlock aims to create innovative products that seamlessly protect people from modern threats.

About MacPaw:
MacPaw is the Ukrainian-born software company known for CleanMyMac X, Setapp, and other innovative macOS and iOS tools, with over 30 million users worldwide.

Key Capabilities / Features

According to Moonlock’s Mac Security Survey (, 52% of Mac users expressed their need to speak with a qualified professional about safety measures online. One-third said it’s hard for them to find a reliable source of cybersecurity information. So, cybersecurity is still perceived as something complicated and hard to understand.

That’s why Moonlock launched Cybersecuritoons covering Cybersecurity 101 within only six minutes. The video series explains the basics to everyone who is not very familiar with the topic but still is concerned about threats and wants to learn more.

Moonlock believes that using the language of animation it is easier and more interesting to provide information to the user and to place the necessary accents. Moreover, such content is well remembered. By combining expert information and animation, Moonlock managed to explain to the user the consequences of their actions on the Internet in a simple, clear and funny way.

To package that information into a simple, non-boring form, videos were designed by Ukrainian animation studio — Animagrad, the creators of the globally known “Mavka: The Forest Song.”

During the first week after launch, Cybersecuritoons got more than 20,000 views on YouTube and more than 200,000 overall audience reach. Cybersecuritoons were mentioned in the Freelancers Union Blog, drawing freelancers’ attention to their and their customers’ digital safety -

How we are different

- Short format: four videos, six minutes overall, to cover cybersecurity basics. Such a short format allows the viewer’s attention to be kept.

- Animated format: colorful and funny animation lets the serious content be better remembered by the audience.

- Suitable for the most vulnerable groups, such as older people and children. Also, these videos are designed to make things easier for those who are most often approached for cybersecurity advice.