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Company size (employees)10 to 49
Headquarters RegionNorth America


Magnetude is a full-service B2B marketing firm that pioneered the fractional marketing approach for cybersecurity and other technology companies. Magnetude specializes in working with cybersecurity companies as a full fractional marketing department, offering a wide range of strategic and execution-focused marketing services to seamlessly dovetail into client growth goals. After being recognized by the Cybersecurity Excellence Awards as the Best Cybersecurity Marketing Agency two years running, Magnetude’s momentum has continued throughout 2022, helping cybersecurity clients reach their growth goals, launch new offerings, and expand their position in the marketplace.

What started as one cybersecurity client 8 years ago now constitutes the majority of Magnetude’s client base. While Magnetude always delves into clients’ specific offerings and unique value propositions, their strategic cybersecurity marketing, digital, content, and PR experts have advanced knowledge from working extensively in the industry—and with many companies, from startup to enterprise. Magnetude’s writers have contributed to many distinguished industry publications, including Forrester and Dark Reading.

The Magnetude team is immersed in the cybersecurity ecosystem – monitoring the latest regulations, working with reporters, and attending top events like RSA and BlackHat. From the threat landscape to the competitive landscape, Magnetude’s clients rely on them to completely understand the industry – the latest hacker tactics, the analysts’ views, and the realities of cybersecurity that their customers face daily. Magnetude’s team continuously educates themselves to draw insights and provide a quick ramp on clients’ businesses. They help clients reach both technical and business roles – CISOs, Security Analysts, DevSecOps, Risk & Compliance leadership, and even IT and other non-security personas.

At Magnetude, translating audience and market knowledge into actionable programming is a core cybersecurity marketing directive. From creating compelling messaging, to finding new paths to market, to full marketing plans and program execution—they know how to drive results in cybersecurity.

How we are different

• Cybersecurity Industry, Market, and Persona Expertise: Magnetude boasts a depth of knowledge in the cybersecurity space that only comes from true immersion in the ecosystem. The team is dedicated to professional development, researching and monitoring trends, and watching regulations—they keep their finger on the pulse so they can be trusted advisors for clients and make the best strategic and tactical decisions. Magnetude’s experience throughout the cybersecurity landscape, including channel marketing and partnership programs—an area where clients have emphasized their differentiated expertise.

• Top Talent: Magnetude’s team of senior marketers, writers, strategists, and PR specialists have built their careers working in-house at cybersecurity companies—from startup to enterprise—and in agencies spanning multiple cybersecurity clients. The team’s wide range of experience uniquely positions them to apply their knowledge across the client base—they know what tactics drive the most impact because they’ve already seen success previously in similar situations.

• Full-Service, Results-Driven Programming: While other marketing agencies specialize in one or two key areas of marketing, Magnetude is a truly full-service agency and consulting firm that offers a unique fractional marketing model that scales with the client to provide the right marketing expertise at the right time. The Magnetude team can take a client seamlessly from initial strategic and messaging work to website design, content development, digital marketing execution, lead generation, service launches, events, and more—and can also provide evaluation of tactics and optimization to spur growth. Throughout the process, Magnetude remains laser-focused on the client’s goals, whether it be building a brand from scratch, generating leads, growing sales, or pursuing funding or an acquisition.