ManageEngine Data Security Plus (product version number 6062)

Additional Info

Company size (employees)5,000 to 9,999
Type of solutionSoftware


ManageEngine DataSecurity Plus is the integrated DLP component of our unified SIEM solution, Log360. It caters to organizations that want to protect their business-critical data from theft, exposure, and leaks.

– DataSecurity Plus specializes in various areas, including:
– File auditing: Audit and report on all file accesses and modifications with real-time alerts and automated threat responses for high-risk file activities.
– File analysis: Analyze disk space usage, manage junk data, identify at-risk data, analyze file permissions, and more by analyzing file security and storage.
– Data risk assessment: Discover and classify files containing sensitive personal data, such as PII or ePHI, based on their vulnerability using content and contextual information.
– Data leakage prevention: Detect and prevent sensitive data leaks via USB devices, emails, web applications, printers, and more through real-time endpoint security monitoring.
– Cloud protection: Track your organization’s web traffic, scrutinize the use of shadow web apps, and enforce policies to block inappropriate or malicious web content.

Together, these capabilities help protect data in all its forms, detect and quarantine potential ransomware infections, meet the requirements of multiple compliance regulations, review file security permissions, and more.

How we are different

1. Discover files with sensitive data:
DataSecurity Plus uses a combination of regular expressions and actual keyword sets to locate, classify, and assess the risks associated with files containing PII, PCI, and ePHI, proprietary information, financial information, and other business-critical information. Scan through over 50 file types, including email, text, compressed, and more across various data repositories.

2. Monitor the use of files with sensitive data:
Use DataSecurity Plus to maintain a complete audit trail of all file activities, including create, delete, modify, overwrite, rename, move, and read in real time. It records both failed and successful access attempts in detail. Also, track the movement of files and folders across network shares, workstations, and external storage devices by closely watching copy-and-paste file activities.

Ensure the integrity of critical shares and vital local files like system and program files by notifying admins with instant email alerts when high-risk modifications are made to them. Quickly scrutinize the last modification time, ownership details, permissions, and the creation time of the files housing sensitive personal data.

3. Secure files containing business-critical data:
DataSecurity Plus offers multiple capabilities that help protect business-critical data, including:
a. Securing and controling access to USB sticks by creating blocklists, making USBs read-only, and limiting other high-risk functions.
b. Detecting and quarantining potential ransomware infections.
c. Selectively blocking unwanted file copy actions across local or network shares.
d. Enforcing application control to ensure only trusted and vetted applications are executed.
e. Triggering automated responses on spotting data use violations and file access anomalies.
f. Blocking outgoing emails with restricted content in attachments and warning employees about DLP policy violations.

Together, these capabilities ensure total protection of data at rest, data in use, and data in motion.