ManageEngine DataSecurity Plus (product version number 6062)

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Company size (employees)5,000 to 9,999
Type of solutionSoftware


ManageEngine DataSecurity Plus is the integrated DLP component of our unified SIEM solution, Log360. It caters to organizations that want to understand where its most business-critical data lies and protect it from being exposed or stolen.

DataSecurity Plus can help organizations with file auditing, file analysis, data risk assessment, data leakage prevention, and cloud protection. With its data-centric functions, you can:

1. Locate files containing PII, PCI, and ePHI, proprietary information, financial information, and other business-critical information.
2. Use manual and automated data classification to categorize files with valuable information.
3. Assess the risk associated with files by combing through their security permissions, ownership details, and more.

Once the files have been categorized, DataSecurity Plus can enforce content-aware protection to scan through all data transfers to look for the movement of these sensitive files and block unauthorized and risky actions. This helps minimize the risk of sensitive data theft and loss.
Address the requirements of multiple data protection regulations like the GDPR, CCPA, PCI DSS, and HIPAA using our eDiscovery and data security capabilities.

How we are different

1. Discover the presence of sensitive data:
DataSecurity Plus uses a combination of regular expressions and exact keyword sets to match and locate files containing PII, PCI, ePHI and other business-critical data. Use the built-in data discovery policies and rules to find personal data, including passport numbers, credit card information, national IDs, driver's license details, email addresses, IP addresses, and more. The proximity scanning function helps reduce false positives when finding sensitive information. eDiscovery scans are performed only on new and modified files and during non-peak work hours to minimize the load on the CPU.

2. Classify files containing sensitive data:
DataSecurity Plus helps catalog files containing valuable business information with predefined labels, i.e., Public, Internal, Restricted, and Sensitive, or with customized labels that best reflect your organization's requirements. The methods used to classify files with business-critical information are:

- Manual classification allows admins and data owners to manually tag a classification label to sensitive files.
- Automated classification capabilities that use pre-built classification profiles to catalog files during creation, modification, and paste events.

3. Assess the risks associated with sensitive data:
Use DataSecurity Plus to scrutinize the risk involved with files containing sensitive information by analyzing multiple elements pertaining to the file's vulnerability, including permissions, ownership, the volume of sensitive data present, last access time, and more. This process determines a risk score that helps you assign the appropriate level of protection to files based on the sensitivity of the content they hold.