ManageEngine DataSecurity Plus (product version number 6062)

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Company size (employees)5,000 to 9,999
Type of solutionSoftware


ManageEngine DataSecurity Plus is the integrated DLP component of our unified SIEM solution, Log360. It protects business-critical data from being exposed or stolen across traditional and virtual endpoints. DataSecurity Plus helps organizations prevent data leaks and, in turn, reduce the risk of insider threats and privilege escalations.

These are the benefits of using DataSecurity Plus:

1.Prevent IT sabotage and unauthorized file modifications by performing file integrity monitoring through the use of predefined DLP policies.
2. Prevent intellectual property theft by restricting file copy actions and the use of unvetted removable storage devices.
3. Locate, classify, and assess the risks associated with files containing PII, PCI, ePHI, and other business-critical data. Generate alerts when high-risk files are accessed, and prevent files containing sensitive data from being shared via email as attachments.
4. Scrutinize and restrict the movement of high-value files to prevent sensitive data leaks via USBs, email, printers, web applications, and more.
5. Ensure that only safe removable storage devices are used by using blocklists to restrict unvetted devices.

DataSecurity Plus also helps review file permissions; enforces application control; analyzes enterprise web traffic; and blocks the use of inappropriate, risky, or malicious web applications. Once a threat is detected, it can help you delete or quarantine files, stop USB data transfers, or choose from other predefined remedies to prevent data leaks. Together, these capabilities ensure the all-round protection of data at rest, data in use, and data in motion.

How we are different

1. Content-aware protection:
DataSecurity Plus' data discovery functionality provides users with a comprehensive understanding of what type of data is located where. It analyzes both the content and contextual factors of each file and helps define the appropriate levels of security required to protect data based on its sensitivity and vulnerability.

DataSecurity Plus scans through all data transfers to look for the movement of sensitive files and folders to local devices, shared folders, and more. This is vital for restricting unwanted and high-risk transfers of sensitive data.

2. Device control and security:
DataSecurity Plus ensures the safe use of removable storage devices by closely overseeing and controlling every file transfer to and from them. Limiting select functions of USB devices, such as denying read, write, or execute access, prevents unrestricted use of USBs that could lead to data theft.

This solution leverages blocklists to prevent data from suspicious and high-risk USBs from entering your network. In addition to preventing data leaks, you gain critical insights into who transferred what files to USBs, when, and from where.

3. Cloud protection and web filtering:
DataSecurity Plus uses its CASB capability to track data movement and analyze the data uploaded and downloaded through cloud applications like SharePoint, Exchange, OneDrive, DropBox, and Box. It restricts users from interacting with unsafe web services that propagate malware like phishing, spyware, adware, and more. For shadow cloud applications, it scrutinizes the use of, the risks involved with, and requests for unencrypted, banned, and other suspect apps for signs of misuse and compromise.