Marlabs Rapid360˚™ – a next generation, AI-driven Cyber Threat Intelligence Platform

Additional Info

CompanyMarlabs Inc
Company size (employees)1,000 to 4,999
Type of solutionSoftware


Marlabs’ Cyber Threat Intelligence Platform, Rapid360˚™ is a next generation, AI-driven Platform that accelerates collection, correlation, and analysis of threat data from multiple sources, including clear, deep and dark web, in real-time, to identify Global Threats, Corporate Threats, and Corporate Risks.

Rapid360˚™ consists of a 3-core engine that collects information from multiple sources, analyzes in real-time, to detect and identify relevant threats, and disseminate to the right audience.
The first core of the platform, Reconnaissance Engine, is a distributed collection platform that can collect information from various sources, and/or integrate with other solutions through API’s or other formats. Reconnaissance Engine can ingest data from external sources which includes clear, deep and/or dark web.
Once all data is collected and stored at a single platform, Analysis and Productions Engine analyze the data in real-time for various threats. This analysis helps to understand what the existing global threats are and which of them can be mapped to a specific environment of an organization as corporate threats, thereby identify the corporate Risks.
The Dissemination Engine can take care of delivering the analyzed data to the right audience in the right format. The dissemination format can vary according to the requirements like reports, dashboards, API’s, STIX/TAXII etc.
Corporate Threats in Rapid360˚™ provides the customer information related to leaked key personnel information, intellectual properties, data leaked as part of targeted threat campaigns, hacker chatter, IP reputation etc. It also provides the customer a security index to understand how vulnerable a corporate is.

Our unique features vs competition

• Translates Global threats to Corporate threats, and then to Corporate risks.
• Closely tied-up with CTI-Ops™, the Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst Service, where Finished Intelligence is produced from Raw Intelligence.
• Provides both strategical and tactical intelligence, making it actionable.
• 100% risk coverage for all corporate threats: Regulatory Risk Process, Concerned Risk, Financial Risk, Data

How we are different

• Enriching Traditional Security Solutions Security Operations by Integrating Threat Intelligence.
• Infiltrate highly sophisticated, vetted and vouched dark web black hat underground hacking forums and marketplaces to monitor active campaigns and other live threats.
• Monitor for hacker chatter against intellectual property theft and brand reputation.
• Investigation on IOC’s for further information to perform proactive threat hunting.
• Provide strategical and tactical intelligence to augment Security Operations, Incident Response, Vulnerability Management, and Risk Management