Masergy Unified Enterprise Security (UES)

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CompanyMasergy Communications, Inc.
Company size (employees)500
Type of solutionService


Masergy’s patented Unified Enterprise Security (UES) with continuous monitoring and incident response offers customers sophisticated cyber-threat management for today’s threat landscape. UES employs advanced machine learning and big data analytics that consumes, normalizes, correlates, and analyzes vast amounts of data to protect against even the most advanced persistent threats. The technology identifies subtle anomalies and suspicious behaviors that could indicate potential security breaches, and Masergy’s security experts analyze and dissect all alerts.

UES is a premise-based solution that is centrally managed from Masergy’s Security Control Center (SCC). UES is modular and extensible, allowing for easy hybrid deployments. It can be integrated with customers existing security appliances or work in standalone mode. Since there are no hardware or software licenses, the solution delivers highly effective security at a fraction of the cost of handling internally.

UES is continuously enhanced to stay ahead of changing customer needs and evolving threats. Major releases are thoroughly tested and released in predefined maintenance windows. Updates and enhancements are free of charge.

UES also includes:
• 24/7 Security Control Center monitoring and reporting by certified security analysts
• Patented adaptive, predictive Network Behavioral Analysis
• Security Threat Intelligence Dashboard
• Integrated Vulnerability Scanner & IDS/IPS System
• Seamless Integration to all leading firewalls
• Fully managed premise, cloud, and virtualized Firewalls

When running side by side with competitors, customers report that Masergy’s UES finds more threats, and finds them faster. Further, customers report a material increase in effectiveness due to significantly lower false positives. By combining Masergy’s advanced technology with continuous 24x7x365 monitoring by security experts who understand the threat landscape at a deep level, the UES platform and their customers’ environment – customers experience better threat prediction, detection and protection.

How we are different

• UES allows customers to choose the services they need to address their security requirements in a more cost effective manner than hardware or software solutions.
• With organizations of all types more concerned by the increase in high-profile network security breaches, the answer to the high cost, complexity and uncertainty surrounding network security is within reach: a unified, behavioral-based security architecture that is extensible, modular, centrally manageable, and scalable.
• Masergy’s solution significantly reduces the volume of alerts that IT teams must investigate. Over 100,000 daily alerts come in each day and are analyzed by machine and human experts before only 100 tickets are sent out across the entire customer base for intervention.