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CompanyTerbium Labs
Company size (employees)20
Type of solutionSoftware


The average breach takes more than 200 days to discover, and 85 percent of breaches are detected by third parties. On average, companies lose approximately $4 million because of a data breach, equating to $158 for each compromised record. Discovery of critical data breaches needs to be faster and more efficient to avoid fraud, limit damages, and ultimately deter criminal activity. Terbium Labs runs Matchlight, the world’s first fully private, fully automated dark web data intelligence system, which uses a patented data fingerprinting technology to privately monitor its customers’ most sensitive information without ever needing to access it. It shortens breach detection times to minutes and brings data breach detection inside the organization, allowing customers to quickly and privately identify and counter information theft and fraud. Matchlight alerts users when and where fingerprints of their actual data appear online – not massive data feeds from multiple sources that must be cleansed, crunched and put into usable form. The system works regardless of the type of breach – zero-day exploits, APTs, socially engineered attacks or insider threats – and is complementary to an organization’s existing information security systems.

Its easy deployment options and affordable pricing makes Matchlight’s data monitoring and automatic breach detection capabilities attractive to companies of all sizes. It has been deployed to monitor employee personal information, credit card numbers, social security numbers, customer information, sensitive intellectual property, and even source code, and is rapidly becoming a key technology in fighting online fraud and bringing data breach detection times down from days or months to just minutes.

How we are different

• Matchlight is the only fully automated dark web data intelligence system in existence. Automation is key, since the dark web is growing every day and teams of humans simply can’t keep up. Matchlight scours the dark web, computing billions of these fingerprints every day and alerting Terbium’s customers within minutes when elements of their data appear some place they shouldn’t. In fact, Terbium’s dark web crawler often discovers new sites faster than humans ever could. It’s also fully API-accessible, allowing it to be easily integrated with data stores, alerting systems, and other existing IT infrastructures.

• Matchlight’s alerts are also highly actionable. The dark web is notorious for containing fake or decoy information, and the only way to ensure that intelligence is actionable is for a client to tie it to their specific information. By using data fingerprinting, Matchlight can create truly actionable alerts and do so without needing to expand a customer’s risk profile or attack surface by requiring them to share that data with Terbium.

• Finally, because Matchlight is so highly automated, it is much more affordable than other comparable services. Often, this sort of information is collected by teams of humans, which drive the cost significantly higher. By automating this process, Matchlight can provide dark web data intelligence insights at a fraction of the cost of more traditional firms.