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Company (that provides the nominated product / solution / service)McAfee
Company size (employees)5,000 to 9,999
Type of solutionService

In 3 bullets, summarize why this product or service is different from the competition and deserves recognition:

--MVISION Insights uniquely combines three highly proactive capabilities to significantly save SecOps’ cycles: prioritization of threats, predictive assessment of security posture and preemptive prescription of security actions. MVISION Insights proactively advises on attacks that matter based on a particular industry vertical or specific geography by leveraging real-time, high-quality intelligence from over 1 billion sensors prioritized by AI and curated by McAfee ATR threat researchers.  By offering a security score based on the prevalence and severity of the campaign and the organization’s own preparedness for blocking those threats based on their security configuration, organizations know exactly how they would perform under an attack scenario and how this posture would compare to others. If your security posture isn’t optimized for protecting against the attack, specific actions are offered to ramp up defenses against the threat or campaign before it hits. When engaged in an active incident, this clear impact assessment and prescriptive action details take the guessing out of the picture for an organization under duress.

--The industry continues to recognize and applaud MVISION Insights:
"The vendor has stolen a march on some of its competitors, at least in the short term, with this offering. A lot of vendors are aiming to get to an offering comprising threat intel + prioritization + recommendations + automation, but few if any have actually reached that point today," Omdia research.

"You are forward leaning and a differentiator in this space.  And it is even more impressive you did this organically while your competitors are trying to piece together with partnerships," Top Tier Analyst Firm.

--Customers are shouting about its distinction. Hear how the government of Wallonia, Belgium dramatically increased its ability to protect against cyberthreats, from device to cloud, today and in the future.

Brief Overview

McAfee MVISION Insights is the industry’s first proactive security solution that changes the cyber security paradigm by helping to stop threats before the attack. It provides actionable and preemptive threat intelligence by leveraging McAfee’s cutting-edge threat research, augmented with sophisticated AI applied to real-time threat telemetry streamed from over 1 billion sensors. This global insight is applied to assess an organization’s environment and its security posture to predict and prioritize actions for the Security Operations Team.

The integration of Insights significantly enhances the capabilities of McAfee’s endpoint security platform by identifying and managing the attack surface with less reactive cycles, preventing ransomware and aiding security teams in easily investigating and responding to advanced attacks. Propelling the endpoint evolution, McAfee’s eXtended Detection and Response (XDR) solution collects insights beyond the endpoint throughout networks and cloud to deliver preemptive protection across the entire landscape from device to cloud.

According to recent internal research by McAfee, over 90% of security teams feel that they are not proactively prepared for the emerging threat landscape. A plethora of threat intelligence feeds are available but actionable and contextual threat intelligence is hard to find. Multiple siloed endpoint security tools are decelerating security teams from safely adopting the cloud for digital transformation. MVISION Insights eliminates the burden on security operations professionals with up to 95% savings in threat assessment.

Organizations can:
-Preempt attacks from executing by “shifting-left” in the attack lifecycle
-Prevent ransomware and other advanced malware with integrated native OS controls, behavioral blocking, exploit prevention, machine learning and file-less threat defense
-Simplify investigation and response to threat campaigns with unified Endpoint Detection and Response capabilities; continuous monitoring, multi-sensor telemetry, AI-guided investigations, MITRE ATT&CK mapping and real-time hunting
-Diminish the impact of an attack with enhanced rollback remediation capabilities