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Company size (employees)5,000 to 9,999
Headquarters RegionNorth America


McAfee MVISION Endpoint delivers unified management and automated workflow control for Windows 10 systems. It delivers enhanced detection and correction capabilities to augment native controls in Windows 10. Machine learning, credential theft monitoring, and rollback remediation to return a system back to its last known good state enhance the security built in to Windows 10 and combat advanced, traditional, and fileless threats. With a single solution that doesn’t require a collection of multiple consoles, McAfee MVISION Endpoint gives you a single pane of glass for truly integrated defense across Windows, McAfee, and third-party technologies. Combined dashboards and policy management help you visualize threats and immediately pivot into action. Utilizing a lightweight agent, a pure SaaS management option, and an intuitive interface, McAfee MVISION Endpoint can get up and running with minimal effort or impact to end users and devices.

MVISION Endpoint leverages specifically tuned advanced defenses with low false positives and out-of-the-box best practice policies for McAfee and Microsoft bring your best collective defense. Third-party integrations bring multiple countermeasures into a single console to further strengthen your security. Centralized management removes redundant policy management by creating McAfee and Windows policies in one motion. A smaller device footprint and balanced performance minimize the impact on users so they can stay productive.

How we are different

• McAfee MVISION Endpoint embraces and works with the native security controls in Windows 10 by complementing the essential signature-based defenses built into Windows Defender Antivirus with advanced, zero-day defenses from McAfee. Machine learning defenses make use of both pre-execution and post-execution analytics to detect threats on how they appear and also how they behave in order to detect threats that are designed to evade detection.

• It simplifies management with a common policy for Windows Defender, Windows Firewall and McAfee advanced defenses and is managed with a single, centralized console that comes with a choice of SaaS, AWS or traditional on-premise deployment.

• A lightweight footprint and a single agent keeps impacts to systems and users light. A rollback remediation capability reverts attempts to make malicious changes and returns them to a healthy state keeping users and their systems productive.