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Company size (employees)100 to 499
Headquarters RegionNorth America


Medigate is a healthcare-dedicated security, asset management and operational efficiency company. Its solutions help make connected health secure, efficient to manage, and safe for patients. The company enables a highly leveraged, integrated approach that protects health systems from the vulnerabilities posed by the devices connected to their networks. It does so by providing real time data-driven insights that power the workflows of a rapidly converging security and asset management ecosystem. The company’s deep understanding of the medical devices themselves, including its ability to passively listen and translate their communications into data-rich insights, results in a dynamically risk-scored, integrated security and asset management data foundation. That foundation serves as a common system of record that is as relevant to the workflows of information security specialists, as it is to clinical engineers. Essentially, Medigate creates and orchestrates a single source of truth to enable HIT and HTM convergence/operational leverage.

How we are different

a. Medigate stands out from the competition in more than one way. First, it's one of the original companies to directly address patient safety and data privacy issues that challenge connected health. Medigate does so by delivering security and visibility to connected medical devices that store and transmit sensitive, private patient information back to Electronic Health Records (EHRs). As these devices are integral to patient care, they must be readily accessible, well maintained, and secure. Most health systems do not have an accurate inventory of medical devices and because they can’t manage what they don’t know about, the visibility that Medigate delivers and orchestrates is mission critical.
b. Second, Medigate is the only cybersecurity company in the sector that ensures security through a single platform. Medigate actively identifies cyber threats in a Healthcare Delivery Organizations (HDOs) network, provides insight into all connected devices for medical staff to increase workflow efficiency, and partners with top technology companies to provide customized service to HDOs across the globe.
c. Third, Medigate is providing capabilities never before available in healthcare. Its solutions enable HDOs to secure real-time, line-of-sight to care-critical devices, meaning knowledge of types, counts, location, status, utilization, and security posture at all times. The company’s healthcare-dedicated cybersecurity, asset management and operational efficiency platform allows unprecedented controls over connected care delivery. The processes Medigate supports to secure connected care include new capabilities that directly address long-standing operational inefficiencies that increase risks to patients. In addition, when these risks are also properly addressed, they result in business value that more than justify the journey. Medigate’s solutions are rapidly becoming a matter of compliance as the risk of cyberattacks continue to increase, adding disruptive costs and creating operational inefficiencies for HDOs.