Medigate Medical Device Security and Asset Management Platform

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Company size (employees)50 to 99
Headquarters RegionNorth America


Medigate is revolutionizing healthcare cybersecurity by adding medical device and clinical workflow expertise to traditional IoT security. Medigate fuses knowledge and understanding of medical device workflows, protocols and identities with the reality of today’s cybersecurity threats, ensuring providers can deliver critical treatment and protect patient data.

Instead of a one-size-fits-all-approach, Medigate chose to develop expertise in healthcare and create the industry’s first device-specific security solution. Medigate’s unique approach includes:
• Using sophisticated parsing techniques for clinical protocols and workflows
• Creating deep packet inspection algorithms to accurately identify devices found in clinical networks and uncover malicious activity that deviates from normal clinical and manufacturer-intended behaviors
• Recommending clinically-based security policies and pre-defined micro-segmentation implementations to minimize risk and maximize operational uptime
• Integrating seamlessly with healthcare security and life cycle management platforms like NGFWs (Palo Alto Networks, Check Point, Cisco), NACs (Cisco, Aruba, Forescout), CMMS (Nuvolo, Servicenow, Trimedx RSQ, AIMS)

Medigate’s security experts have decoded various manufacturers’ proprietary protocols and created a granular “signature database” for all medical devices. Medigate is the only solution to catalogue thousands of medical devices, enabling it to discover and identify all connected medical devices on a provider’s clinical network. Never before has a solution been able to:

• Identify all medical devices and IoT devices on a network
• Provide a comprehensive and accurate profile for each device that goes far beyond MAC address, make and model to include serial numbers, AE title, location data and more to support enforcement of the strongest security policies
• Implement pre-defined, clinically-based micro-segmentation policies
• Dynamically assess risks of medical and IoT devices, based on AAMI HHS and NST risk frameworks, including correlations to CVEs and granular device profiles

Medigate also has the most and deepest integrations with industry-leading security infrastructure, including Check Point’s IoT Controller and Cisco Firepower for on-premises needs.

How we are different

o IoT and Medical Device Visibility: Medigate monitors the network, accurately identifying devices as soon as they connect and fingerprinting them, using sophisticated parsing techniques (deep packet inspection, DPI), to understand the potential risks they pose to the environment. Medigate calculates the risk score for each device, correlating it with medical device standards and clinical parameters to provide an accurate risk assessment. Now, the IT team knows exactly what is connected, where it’s located, and what its security posture is; while the BioMed team knows how many devices they have, where they are and what software versions they’re running to improve procurement and maintenance management to ensure the optimal health of the operations.
o Contextual Anomaly Detection: Only Medigate has the contextual understanding to accurately detect credible threats within clinical networks. The platform understands medical device protocols, existing and potential cyber threats, and expected device behavior. It meticulously analyses device and network communications, as well as medical workflow patterns to accurately detect anomalous behavior and identify threats in real time. Because Medigate understands the acceptable behaviors designated by the manufacturer, it can also detect and alert on device-to-device traffic that is out of scope to prevent zero-day threats– this device-to-device traffic is what went undetected with WannaCry.
o Clinical Policy Enforcement: The Medigate platform seamlessly integrates its detailed medical device data and threat intelligence with an organization’s infrastructure, such as firewalls and/or NACs, to automate attack responses and remediation (e.g. block, quarantine, etc.), without affecting the operation of the medical device under attack. With Medigate, organizations have the tools they need to implement micro-segmentation best practices and support advanced, zero-trust security policies.