MENTIS Data Classification and Discovery Platform

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Company size (employees)50 to 99
Type of solutionSoftware


MENTIS provides a comprehensive data discovery and classification product. Customer can define what is sensitive to them or chose from a robust set of 70+ data classifications that help in GDPR/HIPAA or PDPA or any other global regulation.

To help the customers to quickly identify where the data resides, we provide them with 11 different pathways to find them. We go beyond the traditional regex used by other vendors which results in high false positives. MENTIS uses a corroborative approach to identify the sensitive data like data dictionary, pattern matching, validation with functions, master data match and code match. The comprehensive nature with which MENTIS identifies sensitive data results in low false positives and less manual work. The return on investment is also quicker as customers can see results as quick as a week. MENTIS also have AI/NLP discovery methods which can identify sensitive data based on context and mainly used for unstructured data.

All of these can seamlessly happen on any data store that a organization might have like RDBMS, Big Data, Data Warehouses, Data Lakes, Cloud databases in AWS, Azure, etc.

The product comes with pre-set reports regulatory compliance or audit requirements and are made simpler through our intuitive dashboards. Customers can also add their own reports to slice and analyze the data identified. All these reports can be downloaded as excel sheets and easily integrate with analytics dashboards to provide a holistic view of data across the enterprise. This information can also be exported to data governance platform and enrich the data present in the data governance platforms like Collibra as well.

How we are different

- Comprehensive data discovery and classification solution with 11 different pathways to identify the sensitive data across the enterprise. It is based on corroborative evidence and does not rely on regex methods.
-- The time to value is in days and not months as commonly observed by customers using other products.
-- Patented and recognized product in market. MENTIS has won the customer choice for data masking in Gartner Peer Insights, a forum where end customer provide feedback and moderated by Gartner. MENTIS also has the highest rating for sensitive data discovery solution with 4.6 on 5.