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Company size (employees)10,000 or more
Headquarters RegionNorth America


Microsoft is a pioneer in digital security, taking a cutting-edge approach to ensure comprehensive protection for businesses across the globe. Through a variety of innovative products, Microsoft’s Security Copilot and other security solutions enable organizations to defend against modern threats with unmatched efficiency. Leveraging 65 trillion daily signals, Microsoft’s AI-driven capabilities allow for an unparalleled defense against cyber threats, making it a leader in the industry.

How we are different

- Generative AI for Defense: With Microsoft Security Copilot, now in preview, businesses can accelerate their defensive capabilities, tapping into industry-leading AI.

- Cost-Effective Security: Microsoft offers savings of up to 60 percent, providing a streamlined, multilayered defense.

- Unified Management Tools: Maximize human expertise with unified management tools, and detect threats swiftly with leading AI, automation, and expertise.

- Comprehensive Protection: From Microsoft Defender to Microsoft Entra, the vast range of products offers cross-platform security, safeguarding data, devices, identities, and more.

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