Mimecast Secure Email Gateway

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Company size (employees)780+
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Mimecast Secure Email Gateway uses sophisticated, multi-layered detection engines and threat intelligence to protect email and employees from malware, spam, phishing, and targeted attacks. The Mimecast security gateway is delivered 100% as a service from the cloud.

With over 21,800 customers around the world, Mimecast’s services are constantly improving its defenses to block both known and unknown threats. Organizations can prevent successful spear-phishing attempts by reviewing every URL and attachments in emails for threats and making sure spam and attempts at email-based impersonation don’t reach your email users.

In addition, the majority of organizations have no solution for preventing data leakage in emails going outbound. With Mimecast security policies are set centrally so organizations don’t get impacted by threats or risk compliance and policy violations whether in an on-premises, cloud or hybrid email environment. Global and finely-tuned policies are easy to set with Mimecast’s integrated Secure Email Gateway centralized administrative interface.

Mimecast’s Targeted Threat Protection portion of the solution mitigates the risk of spear-phishing and targeted attacks in email. Every URL in all inbound emails is re-written, to point to Mimecast’s threat intelligence cloud, so users clicking on malicious or spear-phishing sites are prevented from accessing damaging content or malware-laden sites.

Email attachments can be pre-emptively scanned in a secure sandbox or converted to threat-less file formats before delivery, in order to protect against weaponized attachments, macro threats and malicious content.

End users are equally protected from social engineering and email impersonation attacks, with a sophisticated set of security checks that protect against whaling and tax fraud. End users can be alerted to suspicious emails to prevent financial loss.

Mimecast Secure Email Gateway excels at protecting an organization’s network from known and unknown threats, and applying security controls to information flowing into and out of the organization.

How we are different

Mimecast Secure Email Gateway provides:
• Better security for your enterprise with the ability to stop known and advanced email threats before they reach your users. This is incredibly important since the vast majority of attacks today leverage email for delivery, lateral movement, or exfiltration of data.
• A single cloud platform, with no on-premises software or systems, with broad threat intelligence, in part generated from our daily inspection of 650M+ daily emails for our 22K customers, which updates instantly and extends easily to protect the emails of our customers.
• Ultimate administrator visibility and control to rapidly and consistently apply policies across the organization with just a few clicks of the mouse.