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Company size (employees)100 to 499
Headquarters RegionNorth America


Cybersecurity has never been more critical for an organization’s success than it is today. For private and public sector organizations that want the best in cybersecurity, MindPoint Group offers a variety of products, services, and solutions to help companies exceed their security needs. MindPoint Group differs from other firms because we have focused purely on cybersecurity since conception. This specialty equips MindPointGroup to best help our customers identify and defend against threats, close security gaps, and manage risk. Our award-winning solutions and products include penetration testing, security architecture, incident response, SOC, security automation, and automated security baseline content.

How we are different

-Growth: MindPoint Group has continued to exponentially increase revenue each year. Our revenue has increased by over 10% each year since we founded in 2009. In most cases, this growth has been well over 10%.

-Employees: Success requires a diverse, experienced cybersecurity partner that can navigate ​complexities and deliver results. We pride our company on being able to deliver excellent results for customers because of our diverse workforce and our emphasis on continued education. Employees are encouraged to get additional certifications, take courses, and join our new mentorship program to learn and grow in their careers. Bottom line, we’re people that people can rely on and that they enjoy working with.

-Customer success: We’ve repeatedly helped prominent commercial and prominent public sector customers with some of their most complex security issues. Our ability to leverage capable technology and apply our vast security knowledge is evident in every customer we support. In most cases, our customers become customers again, even when they go on to new organizations.