MixMode AI Powered Threat Detection and Response

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Company size (employees)100 to 499
Headquarters RegionNorth America
Type of solutionSoftware


The MixMode Platform is a patented third-wave AI threat detection and response platform purpose-built to detect known and novel attacks in real-time, at scale.

MixMode’s advanced AI is uniquely born out of dynamical systems (a branch of applied mathematics) and self-learns an environment without rules or training data. MixMode’s AI constantly adapts itself to the specific dynamics of an individual network rather than using the rigid legacy ML models typically found in other cybersecurity solutions.

With MixMode, security teams can increase efficiencies, consolidate tool sets, focus on their most critical threats, and improve overall defenses against today’s sophisticated attacks.

Key Capabilities / Features

The Mixmode Platform integrates key capabilities found in SIEMS, UEBA, NDR, and other cybersecurity solutions, eliminating the need for multiple disparate toolsets. The MixMode Platform is the first advanced AI threat detection and response platform built on Third Wave AI, the most advanced form of AI as defined by DARPA, that assimilates and evolves with an organization's infrastructure through:

Network Traffic Analysis: Captures and examines network communications, including the flow of data packets, to detect anomalies, identify potential security threats, and gain comprehensive visibility into all network operations.

Behavioral Analysis: Analyze the behavior and activities of users, systems, and entities within a network or system to detect anomalies and potential security threats.

Advanced Threat Detection: Recognize patterns of behavior that may indicate a cyber attack to help cybersecurity teams detect threats that would otherwise go unnoticed or bypass traditional security tools.

Predictive Analytics: Analyze large amounts of data to identify potential threats and predict future attacks to help cybersecurity teams stay ahead of threat actors and take proactive measures to protect their organizations.

Real-time Monitoring: Ingest, correlate, and analyze large data sets in real-time to fully protect the entire infrastructure of an enterprise organization.

How we are different

Real-time Scalability: Enables enterprise organizations to easily monitor the world's largest data sets in real-time to quickly detect & remediate advanced threats.

Self-learning AI: The only advanced AI platform built on patented Third Wave AI that assimilates, adapts, and evolves with individual networks without the need for training, tuning, or maintenance

Immediate Value: Provides immediate value, with visibility and insights in hours, not months, like traditional AI or legacy cyber platforms.