Mosaic451 Managed Security Services

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Company (that provides the nominated product / solution / service)Mosaic451
Company size (employees)100 to 499
Type of solutionService

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Mosaic doesn’t simply rely on the latest software solution, and doesn’t rely solely on technology to monitor and secure its clients. Technology alone cannot secure a company, and Mosaic451’s core belief is that only the combination of cutting edge technology and sophisticated staff can truly ensure corporate security. This is not the case across the industry, where you find many MSSP’s leaning exclusively on a “technology in the cloud” solution to secure a network. Mosaic451 builds its intelligence from the ground up, providing for a more granular integration directly into the corporate architecture.

Most of Mosaic451's staff is comprised of engineers and analysts with decades of experience in military, cybersecurity, and IT fields, allowing us to draw from this deep knowledge base and assist companies looking to secure existing infrastructure with industry leading methodology, reinforcing security best practices to secure our clients through all levels of their organization, avoiding the trap of allowing poor security practices to undermine even the best technology.

As a bespoke Managed Security Service Provider Mosaic can customize its offerings and pricing based on the scale of infrastructure a company wishes us to manage and maintain. Companies with only a few systems to maintain, all the way to large customers covering over thousands of users and endpoints, each receive individualized services tailor made for their unique requirements. Even with the bespoke solutions we offer, Mosaic451 is able to remain competitive, and typically beats the price of larger, more technology dependent solution providers. Since our customers are dealing with real engineers and technicians securing their business, they also get the benefit our expertise in maintaining and updating the technological aspects of their security solutions.

Brief Overview

Mosaic451’s Managed Security Service provides a bespoke solution that combines the best of effective technology solutions with hands on personnel with deep industry knowledge and expertise, helping companies to deploy security solutions and maintain proper security best practices.

As more and more breaches become public, cybersecurity is no longer just a Fortune 100 problem, it’s a problem for businesses of every size. Yet many organizations are still challenged by a lack of time, resources, or experienced personnel to keep their valuable data fully secure. Mosaic451 is there to fill in this security gap, working with each client and their in house staff to create security solutions tailored to the needs of each individual client.

Focused on the triad of people, process, and technology, Mosaic451 offers its clients cutting edge security services combining the best in advanced technology with a dedicated team of personnel representing decades of experience in various cybersecurity, military, and IT fields. Mosaic451 recognizes that while adoption of advanced and emerging technology is an important part of sound security strategy, no amount of technology can secure an environment without a strong foundation of smart, experienced, operationally minded humans to design, operate, and optimize the technology. Mosaic451’s Hybrid solution combines 24/7 off-site monitoring with dedicated on-site personnel that act as a full security operations team to provide the most comprehensive level of information security.