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Company size (employees)50 to 99
Headquarters RegionAsia


Shanghai Moule Network Technology Co.,Ltd is a company focused on cybersecurity services and it has a core platform “Bugbank” which is a leading SAAS (Software as a service) platform in China. Bugbank has more than forty thousand white hats who help enterprises establish vulnerability emergency response center and find the most threatening zero-time vulnerabilities. Our company has self-developed technologies to protect our guests’ private information during the process of penetration testing. Bugbank focuses on providing authoritative cybersecurity services, including risk assessment, security system construction, security operations and emergency response. With a strong team of security experts and rich experience in cybersecurity projects, our company ensures that every project can achieve satisfactory results.

How we are different

1. Our company's platform Bugbank has more than 40,000 white hats registered, which is one of the top three platforms with the largest number of white hats registered in China. It is the only vulnerability platform registered by the Ministry of Public Security, and also the only cybersecurity brand listed in the Forbes potential list of non-listed companies.

2. Our company has three self-developed innovative technologies, including joint vulnerability diagnosis, mirror test target machine and automatic threat disposal. Joint vulnerability diagnosis combines artificial intelligence detection technology with artificial experts, significantly improving the ability to find vulnerabilities; The mirror test target machine is based on the real digital assets of the organization and it can automatically reproduce and generate a set of testing environments and systems used for safety testing. This mirroring system automatically handles risks in order to protect back-end data and prevent damage to the real environment. The technology of automatic threat disposal can connect all security devices with the vulnerability management platform and intelligently dispose threats according to the risk level and the importance of assets. Thus it can generate automated virtual patch and link with security devices to achieve dynamic defense. Our company not only applies these three core technologies to the company's products but also applies them to our security service such as penetration testing and vulnerability audits.

3. Our company has the first interactive hacker broadcasting room in China named “HACKSHOW” which is the only continuous live broadcast in the domestic cybersecurity industry. HACKSHOW also has the largest number of cybersecurity experts in China.The live contents of HACKSHOW are mainly based on cybersecurity technology. Hackers and audiences can communicate with each other through the broadcasting room so that they can maximize knowledge sharing in a short time.