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Company size (employees)50 to 99
Headquarters RegionAsia


Shanghai Moule Network Technology Co.,Ltd is a company focused on cybersecurity services and it has a core platform “Bugbank” which is a leading SAAS (Software as a service) platform in China. Bugbank has more than forty thousand white hats who help enterprises establish vulnerability emergency response center and find the most threatening zero-time vulnerabilities. Our company has self-developed technologies to protect our guests’ private information during the process of penetration testing. Bugbank focuses on providing authoritative cybersecurity services, including risk assessment, security system construction, security operations and emergency response. With a strong team of security experts and rich experience in cybersecurity projects, our company ensures that every project can achieve satisfactory results.

Additional Information

1.Since the establishment of Bugbank in 2015, it has attracted white hats from all over the world. So far, there are more than 40,000 white hats in our company's platform, which is one of the top three platforms with the largest number of white hats registered in China. It is the only vulnerability platform registered by the Ministry of Public Security, and also the only cybersecurity brand listed in the Forbes potential list of non-listed companies.

2.From 2016 to 2019, the company's operating revenue increased from RMB 15 million to RMB 160 million, achieving a growth rate of more than ten times. The growth rate is much faster than other companies in our industry. In the end of 2018, our company was rated as one of China's top 50 high-tech high-growth enterprises by Deloitte.

3.Since our company was founded, we have been in a rapid development and bring a new possibility to the domestic industry. Our company participates in many national security projects, such as undertaking the important security work of Shanghai World Expo and CIIE, assisting the network security inspection of the national Two sessions, participating in the protection of national network as the only representative company of Shanghai in 2020. We also co-organize the publicity of network safety with the district government every year.