Mutare Voice Traffic Filter

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Company size (employees)10 to 49
Headquarters RegionNorth America
Type of solutionSoftware


Mutare Voice Traffic Filter is a multi-layer defense solution that eliminates nefarious and nuisance calls at the network edge, including robocalls, spoof calls, spam calls, and social engineering via vishing and smishing attacks.

Mutare’s Voice Traffic Filter protects an entire organization’s from cyber criminals exploiting its phone system using this 5-layer approach:

1. STIR/SHAKEN: The Mutare Voice Traffic Filter spam detection algorithm includes integration and analysis of additional data provided by STIR/SHAKEN caller attestation protocols.
2. Proprietary Dynamic DB: Mutare’s Voice Traffic Filter’s proprietary dynamic database is a continuously-evolving hard line of defense against known spam, scam, and vishing attack campaigns. It taps into multiple worldwide resources dedicated to tracking and verifying tens of millions of numbers related to nuisance and nefarious call activity and then assures those calls never make it into the organization’s voice network.
3. Threat Radar: Threat Radar consists of three distinct call surge detection systems designed to recognize call patterns consistent with a potential spam storm or spoof attack. Threat Radar applies a combination of analytic processes, machine learning, and AI to detect and, when warranted, deflect these disrupting or potentially malicious calls based on specific behaviors and number patterns that are outside of the organization’s normal voice traffic activity.
4. Custom Rules: Custom Rules is an organization-specific blocklist and allowlist builder that adds a customized set of filtering and call handling rules for specified numbers/number types. Rules can be built around a combination of Caller and Called party IDs or CNAM and applied to both incoming and outgoing calls.
5. Voice CAPTCHA: Designed to “do no harm,” the Voice Traffic Filter includes the ability to route all calls or those flagged as suspect through a voice CAPTCHA. The system prompts the caller to input a random set of digits before passing the call through, effectively separating bots

How we are different

Mutare's Index of Unwanted Voice Traffic Survey shows that across all industries nine percent of all calls (or, voice traffic) received by businesses are unwanted. Moreover, 45% of all unwanted traffic is tied to nefarious activity, while 55% is tied to nuisance activity. Unwanted Traffic affects the modern enterprise in three main ways: it stymies voice network traffic, offers a cybersecurity risk by putting critical company IP at risk, and it distracts your employees from working on the issues that actually matter. Mutare’s Voice Traffic Filter monitors both calls coming in and calls going out, bounces those calls against our database of bad guys, and then passes the good calls through while eliminating the bad calls. By eliminating calls from the bad guys, we are immediately and significantly reducing the risk of attack, the risk of breach and the risk of compromise.

Mutare’s simple, yet incredibly powerful administration offers 5 layers of protection to its customers. Its powerful dashboard provides instant clarity and insights into your voice network traffic. With simple clicks and toggles you can easily change time-frames and discover how Unwanted Traffic is impacting your Network Performance and Security. This data-rich overview enables customers to identify patterns, trends and changes in their own network traffic to optimize flow and performance.

The bottom line is that Mutare’s Voice Traffic Filter slams the Gaping Hole shut. The Filter serves to guard, monitor and protect your Voice Network. It provides visibility & insight into your voice infrastructure, and helps protect entire organization’s from cyber criminals exploiting their phone systems.