Namogoo Customer Privacy Protection Solution

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Company size (employees)50 to 99
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


Websites grow more complex every day with the use of 3rd party vendors to optimize various services and functionalities, such as boosting customer engagement and expedited checkouts to grow revenue. While these digital services bring new capabilities to a site, they also bring new privacy and compliance risks, as these 3rd & 4th party vendors have access to sensitive customer data.

Despite their best efforts, company’s still leak sensitive customer data unintentionally. These leaks can go undetected for extended periods of time as companies are probably unaware they even have a problem, or where that problem stems from.

One key problem is that once a leak occurs, the 3rd and 4th party services on the site have access to this sensitive data — putting the company at risk of a major breach.

Namogoo’s Customer Privacy Protection Solution provides full visibility into a site’s digital assets, ensuring that no customer data is exposed from a website, remedying any leaks and preventing future leaks.

The solution detects and resolves data leaks in real-time by identifying the domains in which the leaks took place, assessing the extent of the leak and its impact, mitigating the exposure, analyzing and diagnosing the root cause, and resolving it by taking immediate action with the relevant 3rd and 4th party service providers to delete the sensitive information from their databases.

Namogoo continuously monitors for PII leakage and offers full visibility into the entire service ecosystem interacting with consumer websites, including 3rd and 4th party services.

With a robust and actionable management system, Namogoo provides total visibility and mapping of exposed data, allowing companies to eliminate any vulnerabilities placing it at risk

Based on expertise and experience in the world of online retail, Namogoo provides the tools and information needed to prevent data exposure and leaks in the future.

How we are different

Namogoo helps businesses eliminate the digital chaos on their website with three unique, easy to integrate, protective elements. :
1) Client-side protection- Namogoo provides full visibility and coverage of any personal data exposed to or collected by 3rd and 4th party vendors for all customer sessions.
2) Real-time alerts and continuous data auditing- Real-time adaptive alerts and continuous monitoring enables websites to easily track any suspicious behavior on any domain or asset, including code changes, collected data, pages, sections, and audience affected by said changes.
3) Complete Data Management Platform- Namogoo helps map the digital chaos on a website, review, identify, and track any vulnerabilities, and then performs risk mitigation actions and monitors all 3rd & 4th party vendor risks