Namogoo’s Customer Privacy Protection Solution

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Company (that provides the nominated product / solution / service)Namogoo
Company size (employees)50 to 99
Type of solutionService

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Client-side technology- Namogoo’s code runs on every single visitor session to analyze and detect unwanted activity in real-time, and provides full visibility and coverage of any personal data exposed or collected by 3rd and 4th party vendors.

Real-time alerts- Namogoo provides real-time adaptive alerts to track any suspicious behavior, on any domains/assets, including code changes, what type of data was collected, when the incident began, on which pages and sections it occurred on, and the audience segments that were affected.

Continuous auditing for ongoing protection-Namogoo continuously audits your website to provide complete real-time mapping of your 3rd and 4th party vendors over a period of three years, identifying behavioral changes and trends that enable ongoing prevention of consumer data privacy risks, threats, and vulnerabilities.

Brief Overview

Modern websites present a difficult challenge for businesses – managing and monitoring the third and fourth-party vendors that are required to optimize the site’s services, boost engagement, and increase revenue. The integration of these services to the site’s ecosystem introduces new user privacy and compliance risks to the business, for three key reasons.

Third-party vendors frequently change their code and data collection behavior,
No visibility on the 4th parties being used by the 3rd party vendors, considering that 40% of the services operating on a site are powered by 4th parties, is problematic,
Widespread use of non-secured cookies- nearly 90% of all cookie using websites contains non-secured cookies increasing the of exposing personal data.

Namogoo’s Customer Privacy Protection Solution enables companies to ensure data privacy by preventing the accidental leakage of sensitive data, the unauthorized collection of data by 3rd and 4th party vendors, and ensuring that cookies are not exposing any data.

Namogoo accomplishes this through client-side detection that provides full visibility on all personal data exposed or collected by 3rd and 4th party vendors. Using real-time adaptive alerts, the solution flags suspicious behavior and pinpoints the origins of the incident, the impacted domain pages and what data has been accessed or collected. This allows for quick remedial behavior to be taken before more damage can be done, and for the brand to alert the vendors to delete the unauthorized collected data.

With self-learning technology, Namogoo’s system uncovers all exposed data and privacy risks hidden within your site’s URLs, storage, and or cookies, providing actionable insights into vulnerabilities to prevent future breaches and leaks. With an end-to-end management platform for any 3rd and 4th party vendor privacy-related issues, businesses are provided with a holistic view of data vulnerabilities and prioritizes events by severity and impact to enable quick resolution.