Nearshore Athena / Maritime Cybersecurity Platform

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Company size (employees)50 to 99
Type of solutionService


NearshoreNetworks is the fastest-growing global maritime network service provider.
We provide comprehensive cybersecurity solutions tailor-made for the specific needs of vessels and fleets.

Nearshore Athena platform is a unified solution that protects our customer assets from internal and external threats while providing the latest tools and monitoring and secure business and crew telephony solutions. Our cybersecurity solutions are at the forefront of everything and beyond the latest IMO requirements.

Nearshore Athena is a TurboCharged Unified security platform with a multi-faceted environment capable of doing much more than cybersecurity. It will enable crew Wi-Fi, telephone PBX Exchange, and an active directory.

NearshoreNetworks cybersecurity solutions empowers the maritime industry to move forward confidently.

How we are different

• Nearshore Athena is a multi-purpose platform for Maritime Cybersecurity that acts as an extra IT team member if the vessel doesn't have one. From basic fire-walling to constantly updating IDS/IPS, Onboard PBX, Onboard Crew wifi systems, and Active Directory security layer, all within the same platform.

• Managed, Un-Managed, Standalone, or Integrated. Your systems are unique, so is the platform you need. With zero trust required for the current airtime providers, using outdated password security and antenna firmware issues, safeguard what you need to. Manage the platform yourself, or rely on people who have visited vessels, installed equipment on vessels or served on vessels. We speak your language; we know your environment.
Nearshore Athena Platform can work as your standalone interface or integrate with your current or future airtime provider's services.

• Forward-thinking. Working with Fleet Edge systems, VSAT, Iridium, and undergoing testing with multiple emerging LEO Providers. Nearshore Athena interfaces directly for data or voice, and runs up to 3 backup systems directly, such as GSM, Iridium, or other FBB.

We know that communication is your absolute priority. Your security is ours.