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Company size (employees)50 to 99
Headquarters RegionNorth America


Neosec is reinventing application security with a powerful platform that unifies security and development teams to protect modern applications from threats. The foundation of the SaaS platform is built on data and analytics to manage security at scale. Neosec prevents threats from abusing the complex network of APIs that connect today’s businesses. The platform helps organizations discover every API and audit risk. Neosec has pioneered the use of behavioral analytics to understand normal versus abnormal API usage and delivers powerful threat hunting capabilities. Neosec prevents threats and stops abuse hiding within APIs and brings new intelligence to application security.

Neosec was founded by Giora Engel and Ziv Sivan after their pioneering work in behavioral analytics for security at startup LightCyber and Palo Alto Networks. With Neosec, the team is reinventing application security by solving the greatest challenge to applications—the unauthorized use of APIs for criminal purposes far exceeding anything previously experienced in cybercrime. Gartner identified that API attacks will become the most frequent attack vector in cybercrime due to the potential gains that can be made and the fact that most organizations are blind to what is really going on within their APIs.

How we are different

Neosec uniquely provides complete API observability by enabling full, automated, continuous API discovery and then ongoing behavioral monitoring to find potential fraud, theft and misuse. The combination is critical to solve the rising API crime problem while enabling companies to continue advancing digital business initiatives. In addition, the Neosec platform also enables API threat hunting for investigative or prevention or offers it as a service, staffed by its own experts. No other company has such capabilities.

Neosec is founded by the pioneers of XDR technology, now a must-have in network security. Using this experience and expertise, Neosec is uniquely able to uncover API threats, crime and abuse. The well-evolved, sophisticated behavioral intelligence and machine learning the company has developed enable the highest levels of accuracy and speed without requirements for training and tuning the system or forcing security teams to gain specialized experience.

The Neosec platform uniquely provides automated, on-premises tokenization of API data at its point of origin so that API activity can be fully logged without the chance of exposing PII or confidential data. Many companies currently either do not log API data at all or only log high-level details due to compliance concerns. OWASP has identified incomplete or non-existent API logging as a major issue for organizations. Now, API activity can be fully logged while adhering to the most stringent compliance and privacy controls.