The Netskope Active Platform

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Company size (employees)250+
Type of solutionSoftware


The Netskope Active Platform enables enterprises to identify, understand and secure all cloud apps being used within their respective networks, sanctioned or unsanctioned, for all employees (including remote). A September 2016 study by Netskope revealed nearly 94.7 percent of all cloud apps in use at an enterprise are not enterprise-ready, lacking in the areas of security, audit and certification, service-level agreement, legal and vulnerability that enterprises require for safe enablement. The market has thus demanded a shift beyond just the discovery of cloud apps toward a need for real-time and policy, which is a key differentiator of the The Netskope Active Platform technology. Another critical component of the platform is coverage for mobile apps that access the cloud for data and app functionality. Unlike competitors, Netskope offers both visibility and control into an enterprise’s entire cloud app environment. Due to these capabilities, the company was recently awarded two patents for granular visibility and control of cloud services, including both sanctioned and unsanctioned apps.

Newly introduced features to the platform include Incident Management capabilities as well as Netskope Threat Protection. Incident Management enables security teams to respond immediately and thoroughly to cloud security incidents and risks by facilitating an end-to-end management process, from incident creation through to resolution. Netskope Threat Protection includes industry-first complete threat protection for all enterprise cloud apps, and combines threat intelligence, static & dynamic malware analysis, and machine-learning based anomaly detection to enable real-time detection, prioritized analysis, and remediation of cloud threats. Netskope recently introduced industry-first ransomware detection and remediation capabilities to Netskope Threat Protection, providing Active Platform with the ability to scan sanctioned apps for ransomware and immediately flag and remediate potential ransomware attacks before enterprises need to pay a ransom.

How we are different

The rise in shadow IT has taken its toll on enterprises. It is critical that organizations maintain a deep level of visibility and governance over their cloud app infrastructure so they can spot and mitigate suspicious patterns before they become an issue. The Netskope Active Platform addresses this by enabling enterprise IT to enforce cloud app policy in the context of the app, data, user (and role in the organization) and their location — all without sacrificing the end user experience.

Netskope has made significant leaps in the industry to address enterprises’ shadow IT problem. Only Netskope has abstracted analytics and policy enforcement engine from deployment options, which allows customers to add to their deployments quickly and with minimal disruption. This is unlike other vendors whose product capabilities are heavily dependent on deployment architecture.

Netskope’s newly introduced Incident Management, Active Threat Protection, and Ransomware features go a step beyond competitors by not only recognizing risks but also seeing them through to resolution. This year, Netskope was awarded two patents for granular visibility and control of cloud services, including both sanctioned and unsanctioned apps.