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Company size (employees)100 to 499
Headquarters RegionNorth America


Our mission at Netsurion is not to deliver technology for the sake of technology. Rather, we are focused on delivering business results – value for the typical business that has limited resources.

We are not just a software provider, not just a hardware vendor, and not your typical managed security service provider (MSSP). Netsurion delivers cybersecurity as a managed service with unmatched scalability and simplicity.

Netsurion’s managed approach to combining our purpose-built technology and our team of cybersecurity experts gives customers and partners the ultimate flexibility to adapt and grow while maintaining a secure environment. As trusted advisors, we believe all businesses, regardless of size and budget, deserve reliable high-quality cybersecurity services with tangible security benefits that exceed expectations.

We offer two solutions:

· Managed Threat Protection with powerful prediction, prevention, detection, and response along with compliance

· Secure Edge Networking with an all-in-one networking solution that combines network connectivity, agility, security, and compliance in an affordable managed solution

Netsurion’s culture is built upon these three core values:

TRUST is the foundation of everything we do. It sets the tone for a positive experience with Netsurion, as a trusted cybersecurity advisor. Our customers and partners have put their trust in Netsurion, and we put our trust in our coworkers, our technology, and ourselves – to deliver on our promises.

UNITY is all about balance and being open-minded, as our team is inclusive and diverse. Unity supports understanding and compassion across internal teams and customer-partner interactions.

DRIVE emanates from the spirit of our strength, our character, and our passion. People, process, and technology combined are key to a great cybersecurity offering, but it’s our people that are the heartbeat of Netsurion. We are driven to succeed not just for ourselves, but for our teammates, customers, and partners.

How we are different

Here are three cybersecurity challenges and how we solve them:

1. Cybersecurity solutions are fragmented and complex. With over 1,000 cybersecurity vendors in the market, choosing the right technology is incredibly difficult. Netsurion consolidates security controls, technology, and expertise for a turnkey solution set with stronger cybersecurity, better resource utilization, and optimized budget. Netsurion provides the expert people + technology as a managed service that overcomes today’s cybersecurity challenges, so you can get back to the business of growth and innovation.

2. Cybersecurity changes constantly. While many mid-sized businesses face the same threats as Fortune 500 organizations, they often lack the staff and expertise necessary to defend themselves. Netsurion’s managed cybersecurity solutions with all-in-one capabilities are built for scalability and simplicity. We integrate new threat counter-measures so you don’t have to. And rapid deployment is easy with solutions and pricing that scales as you grow. You receive coverage across the entire threat cycle, from prediction, prevention, detection, and rapid response that grows with your business over time.

3. Cybersecurity requires vigilance and expertise. Augment your team with security experts on duty 24/7. Our analysts work as an extension of your in-house team to understand your environment and proactively support your team with monitoring, threat response, and compliance. You eliminate the costs and time of recruiting, training, and retaining security experts. Entrust our experts to do as little or as much as you need to co-manage powerful process and technology. Future-proof your cybersecurity with Netsurion’s managed approach.