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Company size (employees)19


Started in 2014 by cybersecurity entrepreneur Scott Suhy, NetWatcher has 19 employees and 60 clients. NetWatcher focuses on providing an entire platform – not just a point solution – to the SMB market.

As part of its service, NetWatcher offers companies a free look at their Cyber Promiscuity Score. This is a free service that monitors and evaluates the online behavior of employees. The score is based on how likely a company is to suffer data loss. NetWatcher also offer a look at where the greatest risks occur and explains how they can be prevented.

In a crowded field, NetWatcher stands out for believing that cyber security protection should be easy to install, easy to use, easy to understand, highly accurate and affordable for any size organization.

How we are different

* A platform for SMBs - NetWatcher is not just a point solution. It offers an affordable platform for SMBs

* Fast Deployment - NetWatcher allows your to receive the benefits of world-class security without the financial and staffing headaches.

* MSP friendly pricing - NetWatcher's pricing eliminates the hassle of monthly fluctuations and provides all customers with a simple fixed price.