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CompanyCore Security by HelpSystems
Company size (employees)1,000 to 4,999
Type of solutionSoftware


Network Insight is a network traffic analysis solution that identifies hidden infections within a network in real time. With a lot of security tools, it’s difficult to decipher a real security concern from a meaningless event and a lot of time is wasted chasing false positives. With Network Insight, you can detect successful infections with certainty and only receive serious alerts when a compromised device has been confirmed.

The solution observes device behavior to continually capture and correlate evidence using multiple detection engines to identify a possible infection. Network Insight’s threat intelligence engine then analyzes the evidence to identify true infections and prioritizes it based on the risk level. The security team receives the evidence and actionable alerts to help prevent loss as quickly as possible.

Network Insight discovers successful infections by understanding the network behavior of the device, analyzing payload content, and applying Core Security’s intelligence about malicious destinations, command and control communications and threat actors. The solution operates in real-time and gathers evidence over time to better understand the big picture and risks.

Users can also generate overall executive summary reports, in-depth details with incident responses, and evaluate your organizations infection management with infection life cycle reports.

How we are different

 Network Insight is an agentless, OS, and platform agnostic solution which means it’s built to cover any device in the network.
 Confirms infections in real time, eliminating the need to conduct deep threat investigation or dedicate staff to sift through meaningless alerts.
 Built on a decade of scientific research and data with a robust catalog of threats for users to strengthen their security.