Neustar NetProtect

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Company size (employees)1,000 to 4,999
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


Neustar NetProtect is a direct-connect DDoS defense solution that enables organizations to provide secure, uninterrupted access to online accounts and resources even in the midst of an attack. The easy-to-configure cloud solution supports more than 100 Gbps of clean data bandwidth by connecting directly to the Neustar SiteProtect NG platform from more than 500 global data centers.

The NetProtect network is strategically situated directly inside data centers in order to address and mitigate or entirely avoid the concerns of latency, complexity and other anomalies that are commonly associated with legacy generic routing encapsulation (GRE) and virtual private network (VPN) tunnel systems.

Launched in April 2018, the NetProtect solution creates a more secure connection for transferring data and helps eliminate the need for IT professionals to use multiple vendors to protect their networks. NetProtect complements Neustar’s successful SiteProtect NG product, which protects against web application attacks, and was created specifically for demanding and advanced networks that require support beyond basic proxy or VPN services. Such networks include those of global tech and media companies, major retailers, and sports betting platforms, for example. Clients like these have used NetProtect to defensively mitigate attacks such as SYN flood attacks and NTP amplification attacks.

NetProtect ensures that no matter where an organization is located or how demanding its performance requirements, Neustar can connect its dedicated multi-terabit scrubbing centers to one or more global data centers and seamlessly return clean traffic to the organization, enabling it to maintain an exceptional online customer experience.

How we are different

• NetProtect eliminates the need for IT professionals to use multiple vendors to protect their networks. As the speed, scale and complexity of DDoS attacks increase, organizations are struggling to effectively defend their networks and IT infrastructure, and purchasing decisions are becoming more difficult in a rapidly expanding ecosystem of cybersecurity vendors. Increasingly, organizations use a wide range of IT, security and information services providers, many of which work with their own partners downstream. Each of these relationships represents potential threat vectors that can be exploited by bad actors and increases the likelihood of latency and other anomalies associated with network overlays. NetProtect, as part of Neustar’s vertically integrated security solutions ecosystem, simplifies the provisioning process while decreasing system complexity and reducing risk.

• NetProtect is a robust alternative to GRE or VPN tunnels that provides a more secure connection for transferring data. Unlike legacy tunneling services, NetProtect does not require additional software or hardware to transfer data across networks. By connecting directly within the data center, NetProtect removes the introduction of unnecessary additional entry points on the network and eliminates the associated risk that can lead to an increase in malicious traffic or impair or complicate an organization’s ability to define its routing policies. NetProtect allows for greater security and less intrusive protection in order to mitigate attacks consistently and effectively, without introducing unnecessary volatility.

• NetProtect provides unparalleled service quality. Neustar offers the industry’s largest carrier-grade DDoS mitigation network, with dedicated scrubbing centers strategically located around the world, direct connection at more than 500 data centers, 100 Gbps clean data bandwidth and a 99.999% uptime guarantee. The experienced professionals available 24/7 at the Neustar Security Operations Center are highly skilled in mitigation best practices and have the expertise and tools to thwart even the most sophisticated cyberattacks.