Neustar Security Services VPN Protect

Additional Info

CompanyNeustar Security Services
Company size (employees)100 to 499
Headquarters RegionNorth America
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


In a world where hybrid work models have become the norm and constant connectivity is required, businesses need strong and reliable network protection to keep their data safe in a rapidly evolving threat landscape.

Neustar Security Services’ VPN Protect delivers cloud-based DDoS protection for the expanded VPN networks required in today’s borderless work environment, ensuring that radically flexible workforces remain connected and productive while business proceeds uninterrupted.

VPN Protect is an always-on cloud-based solution with the option of automated mitigation backed by a 24/7 support from senior-level professionals in Neustar Security Services’ SOC. It offers multiple best-in-class DDoS mitigation vendor and proprietary technologies, multiple Tier 1 Internet Network Providers, and is fully IPv6 capable. The solution is tailored to the needs of users to their network, with the option to protect all enterprise traffic and a dedicated DDoS mitigation network with massive 15+ Tbps capacity covering layers 3-7.

To overcome the heightened risk to critical resources, VPN Protect provides protection for VPN traffic via a VIP proxy strategy that can be quickly implemented and deployed with a minimum of disruption. VPN traffic is routed through Neustar Security Services’ DDoS mitigation infrastructure, where malicious traffic is removed from the VPN traffic. Clean traffic can then be returned directly via the internet, or sent through GRE tunnels if required, and a user’s SSL certifications are not required to protect the traffic.

VPN Protect provides many key benefits, including non-stop protection against non-stop threats like conventional flooding, network protocol and application layer attacks; available automation to quickly move any attack into mitigation; cloud deployment to protect with no hardware or software installation; a massive network of dedicated scrubbing capacity for largest and most intense attacks; and a globally positioned scrubbing infrastructure for protection.

How we are different

• With a ‘always on’ approach, VPN Protect protects the VPN server against DDoS attacks with its purpose-built, cloud-based DDoS mitigation solution, ensuring non-stop protected connectivity and uninterrupted business.
• Easy cloud deployment with no hardware or software installation, VPN Protect is flexible and can be tailored to your needs and your network while protecting all enterprise traffic.
• VPN Protect includes a dedicated global DDoS mitigation network with a 15+ Tbps scrubbing capacity covering layers 3-7, allowing for fast mitigation of attacks no matter how large or complex, and is backed with a 24/7 support by senior-level DoS mitigation professionals.