Nisos Event-Driven Intel Investigation

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Company size (employees)50 to 99
Type of solutionService


Nisos Event-Driven Intel Investigations is a multidimensional security fact-finding service that delivers insights into adversary behavior.

Quick reaction, event-driven intelligence investigations from Nisos allows clients to ensure business continuity, confidentiality, integrity, and availability, simultaneously attribute
malicious actors if necessary, take subsequent administrative or legal action, and get back to business quickly.

Despite funded enterprise in-house teams whose job it is to address the many facets of security (cybersecurity, trust and safety, fraud, executive protection, disinformation, physical security, and brand reputation) many teams do not have the data collection, visibility, intelligence capability, and investigations capacity like Nisos.

Rather than the traditional threat intelligence approach of responding to breaches, collecting large cyber security datasets, and searching for outliers or trends to connect to forensics findings, Nisos extracts client-specific data from our vast multi-source, “outside the firewall” collection capabilities to then perform expert analysis.

Flipping the script gives us unique visibility into numerous types of adversaries, not just traditional tracked adversaries. This enables insights to attacks and attribution of adversaries even if they aren’t knowing actors using previously connected tactics, techniques,and procedures (TTPs).

How we are different

1) Multidimensional and Multi-Source Intelligence:
Nisos provides deep intelligence expertise that delivers outside the firewall insights into threat actor behavior, motivations, and intentions. As your go-to experts, we can address the complex challenges of pinning down who and how someone is targeting an organization. Our complex data analysis and expert analysts allows clients to fill any visibility gaps they have.

2) External Telemetry within the Context of Your Internal Data Sources: Countering the evolved adversary requires a unique approach that maintains cybersecurity while also assessing security risks – like trust & safety, fraud, executive protection, disinformation, and brand reputation.

When a client needs deep, more specific attribution, Nisos can provide the identity, motivation, action, and likely attacks of an adversary.

3) Detailed Deliverables: Nisos helps clients take action and protect their people, their business, and their assets with rapid and curated responses to their intelligence questions and concerns. Situation reports are available on demand. When relevant, native language translation by a subject matter linguist is available for on-demand and researched content.