NNT-Change Tracker Gen7

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Company (that provides the nominated product / solution / service)New Net Technologies
Company size (employees)50
Type of solutionSoftware

In 3 bullets, summarize why this product or service is different from the competition and deserves recognition:

1) Our Mission is to build and bring to market Cyber Security & Compliance solutions that are: Easiest to Use - Most Featured - Most Affordable. We believe we have this nailed, evidenced by the number of competitive swap outs that have completed in the last 2 to 3 years.We have replaced our nearest competitor on numerous occasions but NNT has not yet ever been replaced by one of our competitors.

2) Closed Loop Intelligent Change Control - Massively reduces the number of false positives, which makes the spotting of potentially harmful changes vastly easier

3) We are a certified member of the Center for Internet Security and we provide real time vulnerability monitoring for all systems. This means customers are completely reassured that the information relating to their compliant state is of the best quality and is available in real time rather than on a planned and scanned basis.


NNT’s Change Tracker Gen7 utilizes ‘Closed Loop Intelligent Change Control’ a unique method for associating all changes within the IT estate with either a healthy intended change or a potentially harmful change. In addition, integrated threat intelligence allows organizations to query changes against known and trusted whitelists to provide further reassurance of ongoing cyber security and compliance. NNT uniquely combines real time: FIM, System Configuration Hardening, Compliance Monitoring, Host Based Intrusion Detection and Event Correlation in one easy to use solution.

Trusted by Organizations of all size and shape all over the world from Fortune 500’s to Government and Military Organizations, Charities and Small Business. The solution is right for anyone who wishes to improve Cyber Security & Compliance. Lastly, NNT is typically a 3rd of the cost of our competitors.