Noname Security API Security Platform

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CompanyNoname Security
Company size (employees)100 to 499
Headquarters RegionNorth America
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


“The Noname API Security Platform gives developers and security teams visibility into the entire API lifecycle, from development through production, for an effective API security program.

During development, Noname’s Active Testing integrates with the CI/CD tools your teams use, such as Jenkins and Postman, as well as all your ticketing and workflow tools such as ServiceNow, Slack, and Jira, to minimize any change in workflows. You can automatically run 100+ dynamic tests that simulate malicious traffic, including against the OWASP API Top Ten. Noname delivers continuous security with the ability to schedule tests to run automatically – both in development and staging. Active Testing uses real business logic to run tests and simulations.

An effective API security program requires a comprehensive discovery. Noname identifies your APIs as well as the type, including HTTP, RESTful, GraphQL, SOAP, XML-RPC, JSON-RPC, and gRPC. Enjoy 100% visibility from all data sources across on-prem and cloud from a single pane of glass. Discover legacy and rogue APIs not managed by an API gateway, classify sensitive data types, and find misconfigurations.

Noname Security Runtime Protection provides real-time visibility into how your APIs behave, if they’re exposing sensitive data or are vulnerable to attack. Your security teams can use automated AI and ML-based detection to identify API vulnerabilities, including data leakage, data tampering, data policy violations, suspicious behavior, and API security attacks. You can pursue manual or semi-automated remediation for various alert types.

Noname Security Recon monitors your environment for changes in APIs, domains, and developer activity to build a complete and current inventory of publicly accessible assets. Discover the attack paths hackers can exploit without any integrations, installations, or implementations. Minimize risks and eliminate weaknesses before they are exploited.”

How we are different

"Noname Security is the leader in the API security space and defines what API security means.
1. The most effective API posture management solution - Noname delivers the broadest collection of cloud partner and on-premises integrations for visibility into and protection of your entire API ecosystem.
2. The fastest time-to-value for your API security program - Simplified deployment and the most comprehensive cloud and on-premises partnerships means you can connect and see your APIs with minimal setup or custom configuration.
3. The most flexible deployment options - Only Noname can deploy to match your business requirements. Whether you have a private cloud, run on a public cloud (including multi-cloud environments), or use a hybrid of both approaches, we’ve got you covered."