NopSec UVRM Total Vulnerability Security Analytics

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Company size (employees)10 to 49
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


NopSec’s UVRM (Vulnerability Risk Management) is an innovative vulnerability risk management solution designed to combine better prioritization, remediation of security vulnerabilities, and security-program health reporting into a single platform. Focusing on the pillar of security program reporting, UVRM platform pulls data inputs from a wide breadth of single-point security platforms into an aggregated reporting console. Data from infrastructure scanners, web application scanners, cloud scanners, threat intelligence software, and endpoint protection platforms are normalized for vulnerability management teams to provide comprehensive performance reporting and ROI validation of security investment. With these combined inputs, UVRM is able to track and report in real-time on critical security KPIs such as MTTR, SLA Policy Compliance, and many more. These metrics can be further sliced by individual business line and asset classification allowing for more granular analysis into specifics segments of an organization to pin point problems. Furthermore, UVRM is capable of integrating and pushing data to tools like Microsoft Power Bi and Tableau to further scale and integrate with analytics platforms used across organizations. The end result of this functionality is a unified single-pane security analytics platform that brings cybersecurity insights into the spotlight and out of the dark.

How we are different

The NopSec UVRM platform is the only vulnerability prioritization tool on the market that provides transparency into its proprietary machine-learning prioritization algorithm by displaying analytics on the top 5 factors that both raise and reduce a vulnerability's risk rating.
NopSec's UVRM security analytics are presented in a language and format that allows the entire organization (c-suites to associates) to understand the state of the company's vulnerability management, not just the IT and technical teams that live the numbers every day.
NopSec's UVRM deep integration capabilities enable security teams to combine and report on the comprehensive health of the entire cybersecurity organization in real-time from one platform, rather than doing so in each of the many point solutions security teams employ.