NopSec’s Unified VRM

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Company size (employees)25-50
Type of solutionSoftware


NopSec offers a new way for organizations to prioritize and remediate security vulnerabilities through automation and machine learning—drastically reducing the time to remediation. Revolutionizing vulnerability management, the intelligent solution empowers organizations to take a smarter, more targeted approach to proactive remediation to avoid hacker attacks and costly data breaches. NopSec Unified VRM helps security professionals simplify their work, manage vulnerabilities effectively, and make more informed decisions. In less than one year, customers cut their average time to remediation from 190 to under 60 days — resolving potential issues 3X faster.

Built on a cloud infrastructure, Unified VRM can be operational instantly, and the value can be realized immediately. Its predictive analytics and machine learning models forecast the probability of exploitation so organizations can focus on the threats that pose the most critical risk to their business.

Incredibly simple wizards allow organizations to import vulnerability scan data with just a few clicks, and then the NopSec Expert Engine instantly goes to work cleansing the data (removing false positives and other irrelevant information), assigning individual threat risk scores and delivering a prioritized list of vulnerabilities. Time to results takes mere hours, depending on the amount of data to be analyzed. Many customers report removing more than 40 percent of the results from a single scan in the way of false positives, duplicates, and other bad data.

Unified VRM then immediately translates this data into rich dashboards and task groups for remediation management—allowing security/IT teams to manage workflow (i.e., assign tickets and tasks), measure progress (i.e., report on ticket status or aging), and establish risk reduction goals across operational teams.

How we are different

NopSec Unified VRM is an innovative vulnerability risk management solution addressing the need for better prioritization and remediation of security vulnerabilities in a single platform – ending the data overload plaguing remediation teams.
· Unlike traditional solutions that prioritize vulnerabilities based only on CVSS score and asset classification, NopSec Unified VRM’s advanced expert engine delivers a concise list of prioritized vulnerabilities by exposing the systems and applications most likely to be attacked based on external threat, exploit, malware, and social media feeds and the IT environment.
· Unified VRM
also offers an extensive array of task, workflow automation, and governance capabilities to improve remediation, drive security/IT team collaboration, and improve goal setting and management.