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CompanyNtrepid LLC
Company size (employees)100 to 499
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


Nfusion is a virtual, isolated desktop designed for the aggregation and organization of online evidence. Deployed in an air-gapped environment with protection from malware, information leaking, and advanced persistent threats, Nfusion enables covert and secure cyber investigations. Dedicated, custom points of presence route activities specific to the operation. Information particular to a geographic region can be accumulated without the reveal of operators’ true locations. Ntrepid’s secure desktop incorporates a Windows operating system, integrating Chrome and Firefox for misattributed browsing and intelligence collection. Analysts may harvest data from the dark web and cultivate a masked identity, while never revealing sensitive information to potential threat actors. IP addresses as well as browser and behavioral fingerprints remain concealed from unwanted attention. In this manner, operators’ activities are heavily protected, safeguarding the missions of investigations.

As a data collection platform, Nfusion also includes applications to empower enhanced evidence cataloguing. Nfusion’s Journal feature documents compiled evidence, while Safehold, a secure file management tool, seamlessly transfers data between the secured desktop and a local machine. File upload and download capabilities as well as image-capturing features streamline workflow. Additional applications, including Microsoft Office, Google Earth, and Tor are also accessible to operators. Through the utilization of Nfusion, national security and law enforcement missions are accomplished in an intuitive, efficient manner.

How we are different

• Isolated research environment: Without protected research locations, investigators’ identities and mission-sensitive data could be exposed. As an Ntrepid-patented technology, Nfusion is uniquely able to safeguard operators’ identities while they perform high-level operations. The patented system provides the utmost security, masking identifying characteristics as users and machines communicate over various encrypted network connections, including SSL encrypted sites. By restoring to a known clean image of the desktop after the end of each browsing session, Nfusion guards against advanced persistent threats. Malware and other threatening software are prevented from infiltrating networks and imposing damage. Thanks to Nfusion’s isolated desktop, analysts may learn about mission targets, develop covert identities, and perform deception-based tasks without detection from outsiders.
• Managed attribution: Nfusion offers operators the identity-based control they require when working in high-risk environments. Ntrepid’s patent for Nfusion covers a range of managed attribution capabilities, providing technically complex and holistic investigative methods that are exclusive to the product. The misattributed desktop enables investigators to comprehensively manage online identifiers, such as internet histories, cookies, and behavioral footprints. Custom egress points with dedicated, fixed IP addresses allow Nfusion users to choose how their location appears to online entities. With identities safely masked, operators have the opportunity to perform crucial research while avoiding recognition from adversaries.
• Digital footprint erasure: As part of its patented system, Nfusion imparts unmatched and exhaustive identity concealment; the misattributed desktop will remove any digital trail created during your research session. Details of the originator’s identity, such as time zones, email addresses, usernames, and browser versions are each obscured by Nfusion’s patented attribution technology. All other identifying factors, including languages, geographical positions, and plugins, are also obscured while Nfusion is in use. Though investigators may look for patterns among investigative subjects, their own online patterns will not be at risk of discovery.