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Company size (employees)10 to 49
Headquarters RegionMiddle East


Nucleon Cyber Intelligence provides innovative proactive solutions. Nucleon is the first company that offers reverse reconnaissance solutions built upon the proven technology of Nucleon. it is the first solution that aimed to actively protect internet exposed servers and services against reconnaissance attempts.
The new innovative reverse reconnaissance solution enables enterprises to implement new layer of cyber defense in easy way with.
Nucleon technologies are based on Machine Learning and A.I and is actively learning about new threats that emerging and is able to alert clients without human intervention with 0% false positive.
Nucleon is an innovative startup that is growing and expanding rapidly with leading clients from Europe,USA and Asia.
Nucleon enables organizations to utilize the power of Data Awareness and Machine Learning in order to have cost effective cyber threat intelligence program.
More and more organizations choose Nucleon proactive cyber security solutions over traditional threat intelligence companies.
Nucleon operates and run , one of the most popular security lists sites in the world with thousands of daily unique users all around the world.
The Intelligence briefing podcast is constantly gaining new followers and listeners and have thousands of subscribers world wide.
Nucleon is cyber awards excellence winner for 2019 with offices in Israel,USA and in The Netherlands.
Nucleon was Founded by veterans in the cyber security with experience of more than 20 years. Nucleon advisory board have high rank intelligence officers world wide from different intelligence organizations.

Nucleon is based on multiple patents filed world wide.

How we are different

* 0% False positives - Nucleon unique methodology and technology offers its clients the most reliable cyber intelligence with 0% false positives.

* Nucleon is the first company to develop and offer reverse reconnaissance solutions to stop cyber attacks. a new layer of cyber defence based on threat intelligence.

*Nucleon is gaining traction quickly, among its new clients are the biggest insurance companies and one the biggest banks in Europe.