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Company size (employees)10 to 49
Headquarters RegionMiddle East


Nucleon sets new standards for providing cyber threat intelligence,
using innovative technology and methodology, that was developed based on the threats landscape as it is today Nucleon is able to deliver valuable intelligence that clients can automatically act upon and have confidence there are no false positives.
During 2018, leading cyber security startups started using Nucleon technologies to integrate in their own products and offer better protection to their own clients.
Nucleon made important progress during 2018 when was launched and quickly became one of the leading free feed providers in cyber security today.
in less than one year provides feeds to thousands of users composed from home users to enterprises and governments all around the world, helping the world to become a safer place.

How we are different

* Nucleon shows parts of its unique technology in its patents, innovating the way threat intelligence is being done.

* Nucleon provides a free for all feed, the only cyber security feed on the internet that does not contains false positives and not requires registration to use.

* Cybercure podcasts reached thousands of listeners in less than 6 months, the podcasts are listened by professional people from all over the world.