NuDetect, by NuData Security

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CompanyNuDetect, by NuData Security
Company size (employees)100 to 499
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


NuDetect is NuData’s flagship solution. It includes cutting-edge device intelligence and behavioral biometrics technologies to verify mobile and app users by looking at what makes them unique: their behavior. These are the two most impactful technologies to verify risk and trusted traffic without requiring credentials. This approach helps identify good online users while preventing fraudulent transactions, logins, or new account creations, even if a cybercriminal has the correct credentials or information. For its clients, NuDetect makes 20 billion risk assessments yearly, monitors 4.5 billion devices annually, and protects 284 accounts monthly.

Our technology helps brands offer a seamless and secure mobile-first user experience while mitigating evolving threats. As the use of mobile apps for shopping, banking, and other services continues to grow, bad actors take this opportunity to focus their attacks on apps. They look for potential vulnerabilities from companies improving the user experience and inadvertently opening a door to risk. These attacks often look more human by pretending to use, for example, the digital keyboard while presenting correct credentials of the victim, making it harder for companies to block the threat.

This is where NuDetect platform makes a difference for industries offering services through mobile apps. NuDetect doesn’t just rely on credentials; it looks at behavioral biometrics signals to understand if the person behind the device is indeed behaving like the expected account owner or impostor. Thanks to our solutions, clients can not only tell humans and scripts apart, but also whether a human is the legitimate user for a given account, all without adding friction or additional authentication steps.

Many of the world’s most trusted brands now depend on NuDetect to streamline their customer relationships, and to detect and prevent fraud.

How we are different

NuDetect uniquely combines two core technologies that provide highly accurate information merged in one powerful model for real-time assessments. Each technology focuses on a key risk management aspect:

1. Device intelligence looks at device ID, fingerprint, and history, allowing NuDetect to recognize a trusted or risky mobile device EVEN if there is a break or double break (device ID and fingerprint have changed). This is a major differentiator, as most providers recognize a device for only 22-25 days. NuDetect can still recognize a mobile device six months after it last saw it.

2. Behavioral biometrics looks for behavioral patterns such as what browser a user prefers, what settings they normally have on their device, how they type or browse, or if they are on their phone but oddly using a physical keyboard. This helps build a profile of what behavior is expected for the user and what would be considered risky.
NuDetect is different from its competitors because:

- Multiple use cases: Some competitors are good at only one to three use cases. NuDetect has thoroughly tested machine learning models that can offer user verification beyond login with great accuracy.

- Compliant with PSD2 regulation and connection to EMV 3DS protocol: NuData solutions can automate how a user must be verified if the transaction happens under PSD2.

- Privacy-first mindset: NuData and Mastercard are adamant to only use the insights necessary to deliver security and better user experience. NuData clients have full control over what user data they share for user validation. NuData is also in compliance with GDPR.

- Companies using NuDetect verify 2.5x more users without added friction than other security providers.