nuMAIL – Managed Enterprise Email

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Company (that provides the nominated product / solution / service)Nuspire Networks
Company size (employees)100 to 499
Type of solutionService

In 3 bullets, summarize why this product or service is different from the competition and deserves recognition:

• With Nuspire’s unique nuMail service, organizations receive several benefits, including business continuity, managed email protection, archiving, technical support services, mail server status monitoring and disaster recovery services, saving you time and money so your resources can focus on more strategic tasks.
• Unlike other network security services or technologies, NuMail is a complete fully managed service from the moment of setup. Its support includes proactive and reactive monitoring 24/7/365. Nuspire’s TRAX ticketing system and nuSIEM allows you to view detailed reporting on email flow, threats and security incidents.
• NuMail’s sandbox and other advanced detection technologies and techniques detect and block zero-day threats and sophisticated attacks. The sandbox code emulation quickly simulates intended activity of a suspect URL or attachment. With its call back detection, it uncovers the full attack lifecycle—identifying the ultimate aim, call back and exfiltration.

Brief Overview

Today, 91% of all successful attacks on enterprise networks are through company email. With Nuspire’s email security solution, nuMail, customers receive a state-of-the-science managed enterprise email security, content inspection, in-depth technical support services and mail server status monitoring that ultimately prevents any threats from entering an organization, keeping crucial data and information safe and secure. NuMail’s world-class email security was customized to protect and block malicious threats from getting through to an organization’s email.

One of the main features of nuMail is the sandboxing component, a security mechanism for separating running programs used to execute untrusted or untested programs and code that identifies threats in email attachments and links without risking any harm to the host machine or operating system and alerts the organization when there is a suspicious/untrusted link or attachment.

The integration of Nuspire’s nuSIEM, a proprietary, fault-tolerant, fast, clustered parallel data execution engine cloud SIEM for big data, is another main feature that Nuspire’s tech experts utilize to complete mail flow and threat reporting with 24/7/365 support and threat monitoring.

Nuspire also handles all the setup and configuration in its cloud-hosted service, with ongoing maintenance, security updates and threat prevention updates. No hardware or software needed, no backups to run and no maintenance is needed to perform this world-class email security.

Additional features include:
• Inbound and outbound email protection that utilizes global threat intelligence, paired with advanced technology to block and defeat spam before it reaches your network and properly identifies malware, inappropriate emails, unauthorized content and company-private information before it leaves your network.
• Continuity for outage protection allows your employees to remain productive with continuous email storage, access and use during email server outages.
• Complete administration and monitoring, including configuration and change control management of policies and quarantine parameters, routing, activity monitoring, email disposition and more.