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CompanyNuspire Networks
Company size (employees)105
Type of solutionHybrid


nuSIEM combines high speed, real-time analysis of firewall/UTM, routers, switches, servers, end points, and other network nodes with intelligent alerting and Dynamic Drill Down Reporting. The nuSIEM provides complete visibility of all aspects of UTM and next-gen firewalls, including application control, web content filtering, intrusion prevention, network traffic, vulnerability scanning, data leak prevention, antivirus, VPN/remote access, wireless network connectivity and more.

Nuspire’s proprietary nuSIEM is a fault-tolerant, extremely fast, clustered parallel data execution engine Cloud SIEM with advanced heuristics, built for utilizing the Big Data represented through billions of logs per day that Nuspire’s collection engines receive from the thousands of devices globally that Nuspire monitors and manages. This cloud infrastructure is controlled through high performance BGP intelligent routers, which continuously provide best-path routes and speed. This, combined with over a decade of fine-tuning processes and proprietary systems, allows for great efficiencies that are passed down to Nuspire clients.

To protect against a highly advanced new threat landscape, pushed by well financed hackers belonging to state sponsored groups and criminal enterprises requires Security Information Event Management (SIEM) systems that use artificial intelligence, machine learning and heuristics, which can more successfully weed out false positives and allow for advanced human analytics by security teams to be much more efficient and successful in identifying and remediating threats. Nuspire has this with nuSIEM, along with higher performing systems, hardware, and infrastructure to support the computational power and speed that AI/machine learning requires.

Nuspire’s nuSIEM is deployed as a readily available, managed, cloud-based service. Due to its scaled architecture, the service can accept near limitless log events and also provides near-instantaneous reports and alerts.

How we are different

-Cloud SIEM with advanced heuristics, built for utilizing Nuspire’s proprietary Big Data Threat Intelligence
-Real-time, transparent reporting through dashboards in Nuspire’s Trax Portal.
-Scaled architecture can accept near limitless log events, for large Enterprise expansions and rollouts