Nuspire Managed Security Service

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CompanyNuspire Networks
Company size (employees)100 to 499
Type of solutionService


Nuspire’s Managed Security Services protects some of the world’s largest and most distinctive companies in healthcare, automotive and retail. It delivers superior threat detection and remediation, through a skilled team of security experts, advanced R&D, and proprietary solutions merging big data and human analytics. With Nuspire’s managed security service, organizations receive award-winning SIEM technology, aggregation and correlation, log collection, reporting, research and development, threat intelligence and a knowledge base from skilled tech experts.

At the heart of Nuspire’s Managed Security Service is nuSIEM – a proprietary, fault-tolerant, extremely fast, clustered parallel data execution engine cloud SIEM built for big data. It was custom built for utilizing the billions of security events that are received every day from the tens of thousands of diverse NextGen and UTM Firewall appliances. Nuspire developed the nuSIEM technology, software and processes to ensure that it’s never a liability. A majority of other SIEM vendors who create their own platform are not the ones managing, patching and optimizing the SIEM in a managed environment, which leaves an opportunity for discovered exploits and targeted attacks.

Taking security one step further, the nuSIEM solution paired with threat analysis efforts utilizes big data to analyze logs in real-time against continuously updated threat intelligence feeds and historically profiled security threat intelligence, creating an exciting method for the skilled experts at Nuspire to mine existing log data for identification of malicious indicators for breeches that may exist. This pairing of nuSIEM, threat intelligence and human analytics culminates in Nuspire’s Cyber Threat Monitoring (CTM) solution.

Monitoring and analyzing all this data is Nuspire’s Security Analytics Team (SAT). This team is available 24/7/365 to guide customers through the treacherous security landscape and stay at the forefront of security threats and trends.

Additional Information

• Every day, hundreds of thousands of new rules are added to the system based on research performed by the SAT team. The Nuspire Security Analytics Team (SAT) is constantly enhancing its solution through Advanced Threat Intelligence, which is applied to catch emerging threats to ensure they are following and understanding these rules.
• Nuspire’s state-of-the-art advanced technology was customized to monitor and sort through billions of big data logs to prevent hacks and keep businesses safe and secure. With skilled technology experts available and monitoring 24/7/365, companies have peace of mind that their confidential data and information is secure. Because Nuspire’s on-site R&D and development teams are focused on building customized hardware, software and systems, companies no longer need to integrate and rely on off-the-shelf solutions from a multitude of vendors. Now, companies that utilize Nuspire’s managed security service receive peace-of-mind that their information is secure while also being compliant.
• 24x7x365 support from SOC II certified Security Operations Centers (SOCs) is backed by stringent Service Level Agreements (SLA) for security response, alerting, and technology. Nuspire's SOC II certified Security Operations Center (SOC), Technical Assistance Center (TAC) and top-notch Security Analytics Team (SAT) of engineers, tie-in with nuSIEM, Advance Threat Intelligence, gateway security, rogue wireless detection, endpoint security, trax™, and over a decade of streamlining systems and processes to provide the best SLAs in the industry and offer a true managed “solution” and not just a series of pieced together services.