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Company size (employees)100 to 499
Headquarters RegionNorth America


This year, Nuspire will be celebrating its 20th anniversary and over 20 years, Nuspire has made some extraordinary accomplishments. What started out as a company with six employees, grew tremendously to now having 200 employees with three offices (two in Michigan and one in Ohio). For nearly two decades, many of the world’s largest companies have turned to Nuspire to keep their networks safe and efficient. Nuspire has companies around the world who are leveraging its services, and are currently monitoring over 30,000 locations worldwide. Primarily serving the enterprise, Nuspire has experienced tremendous growth over the years and is continuing this growth trajectory as its service offerings expand to serve mid-sized companies in the manufacturing, retail and insurance verticals.
Additionally, Nuspire has grown its impressive technology portfolio over the years, including its SIEM solution (Security Information Event Management), which is custom-built cloud-based technology created to correlate, and aggregate billions upon of data from locations around the world. Nuspire’s team of security experts investigate that data and determine which ones are threats. SIEM, along with Nuspire’s other technologies and services are consistently fine-tuned and upgraded to effectively and efficiently monitor an organization’s network for security events. In addition, Nuspire has created a team of security experts, NuSecure Labs, who primarily perform advanced R&D to ensure that and we are consistently innovating and staying ahead of the evolving threat landscape.

How we are different

• All Nuspire’s technology is custom-built to ensure the highest protection and stays ahead of the industry curve, protecting customers from leading threats that may enter its network. Most of Nuspire’s competition purchases and integrates commercial solutions. Nuspire takes a different approach. Nuspire’s R&D team uses billions of data points from locations around the globe to consistently build, tune, and refine their technologies. This strategy ensures Nuspire’s technologies stay on the bleeding edge of the threat landscape.
• Nuspire sets itself apart from the rest by moving beyond the classic monitor and support model and focuses on service level deliverables that takes full responsibility to provide 24/7/365 protection to its customers network. These service level agreements focus on the customer outcomes desired gives customers peace of mind that their network security responsibility is in the hands of security experts. Services can be customized to the maturity of the organization, allowing a custom fit based on the organization’s security posture and needs.
• Nuspire has a team of security experts dedicated to advanced research and development, where they are focused on researching the latest threats and ensuring that its technology can identify and block these threats. In addition, Nuspire also has a team of security analytics experts who are trained and certified to identify and combat the latest threats.