Nuspire’s Managed Security Service

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CompanyNuspire Networks
Company size (employees)105
Type of solutionService


Nuspire’s Managed Security Service delivers superior threat detection and remediation, through a skilled team of security experts, advanced R&D, and proprietary solutions merging big data and human analytics.

Just having SIEM isn’t enough anymore and a more dynamic and evolving security analytics and operations architecture is needed for advanced threats now and in the future. This requires that technologies must be designed for cooperation and synchronicity between platforms and processes. Nuspire’s integrated, proprietary purpose-built software, hardware, systems and processes have been moving in this direction all along, made possible from over 15 years in the MSSP space protecting Enterprise distributed networks.

At the heart of Nuspire’s Managed Security Service is nuSIEM – a proprietary Cloud SIEM which is a fault-tolerant, extremely fast, clustered parallel data execution engine SIEM with machine learning and heuristics, built for utilizing Nuspire’s big data of billions of logs processed per day. Security research through Nuspire’s Security Analytics Team (SAT) and NuSecure Labs R&D and development teams, produce enhancements to nuSIEM and Advanced Threat Intelligence used by a Tier system of engineers.

Incidents can be audited via trax™: Nuspire’s ticketing system and security portal. trax™ was developed to meet the challenges with network availability, compliance and support by providing a window into all network locations – with power to drill down to a location, device, or event.

Nuspire’s SOC II certified Security Operations Center (SOC), Technical Assistance Center (TAC) and top notch Security Analytics Team (SAT) of engineers, tie-in with nuSIEM, Advance Threat Intelligence, gateway security, rogue wireless detection, endpoint security, trax™, and over a decade of streamlining systems and processes to provide the best Service Level Agreements in the industry and offer a true managed “solution” and not just a series of pieced together services.

How we are different

Traditional approaches to Managed Security are falling short. Cybercriminals are exceedingly enterprise criminal organizations and state-sponsored groups, with the resources needed to develop very focused malware platforms, which more easily pass through current approaches using correlated known exploits and behaviors. Nuspire Managed Security has evolved into a new approach.

Nuspire is able to utilize their big data infrastructure to provide real-time analytics and alerts as part of their Managed Security Service. Based around a Service Level Agreement, this really provides customers with peace of mind and the Nuspire tagline of "Your Network. Our Responsibility."

24x7x365 support from SOC II certified Security Operations Centers (SOCs) and a fully staffed Technical Assistance Center provides instantaneous help and customer service on a level no MSSP can match.