ObserveIT – Insider Threat Management Software

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Company (that provides the nominated product / solution / service)ObserveIT
Company size (employees)100
Type of solutionSoftware

In 3 bullets, summarize why this product or service is different from the competition and deserves recognition:

* ObserveIT let's you know who's doing what with confidence via user monitoring
* ObserveIT allows you to see who's putting your your organization at risk in minutes with behavioral analytics
* ObserveIT changes employee behavior across the enterprise via policy enforcement

Brief Overview


• Inform and enforce security policy
• Eliminate alert fatigue and noise
• Notify users that they are being recorded
• No baselining required (to define “normal”)
• Canned alerts and packaged analytics for known risks
• Immediate detection of insider threats
• Simple, easy to view playback and metadata
• See who is doing what with visual forensics
• Assess malicious intent with irrefutable evidence
• Immediate “Circuit Breaker” to unauthorized sessions
• Block and control risky activity
• Instant messaging to live sessions


User Monitoring – Know who’s doing what with unique user data not available in your existing logs. Because it is difficult to assess intent, if users are operating out of convenience, negligence or are malicious, ObserveIT captures propriety metadata from endpoints to add behavioral context not readily available in log files. ObserveIT’s lightweight agent has no operational impact and only collects 100 MB per user per week.

Behavior Analysis – See who is an insider threat and is putting company at risk. ObserveIT‘s advanced user behavior analytics instantly detects known patterns of malicious cyber activity at the earliest stages of the Insider Attack Chain. This provides immediate insider threat detection via canned alerts and packaged analytics for thousands of known risks.

Policy Enforcement – Centrally manage the organization security policy and enforce these policies through real time notification that inform the user of acceptable behavior and security best practices.

Video Forensics – Get irrefutable evidence of insider threats with video forensics. With ObserveIT’s dynamic video recording, it’s self-evident when users are doing something they shouldn’t be. When a user is becoming risky, ObserveIT collects screen captures for every mouse click and keystroke, which looks like a video playback, but is highly scalable beyond 100,000 devices. The playback is correlated to ObserveIT’s proprietary metadata, so it’s easy to search for certain actions and get the contextual video playback.