Oculeus Anti-Fraud System

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Company (that provides the nominated product / solution / service)Oculeus
Company size (employees)10 to 49
Type of solutionHybrid

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• Better Fraud Management Practices – existing fraud prevention practices and tools focus on detecting fraud only after it has happened and revenue has been lost. The Oculeus Anti-Fraud System identifies and blocks fraud in near-real-time before revenue losses occur.

• Worldwide customer base – the Oculeus Anti-Fraud System is currently being used by over 25 telecommunications service providers around the world from small and mid-sized VoIP and OTT providers to large incumbent PTTs along with thousands of their enterprise customers.

• Web-Based – the Oculeus Anti-Fraud System runs on Linux services with a web-based front-end, which enables end users to access and manage the system from any browser on a PC, notebook, tablet or smartphone.

Brief Overview

Communications fraud is an ongoing problem effecting telcos and their enterprise customers.

The Oculeus Anti-Fraud System positions telcos and their enterprise customers to prevent revenue losses caused by a growing list of sophisticated methods of fraud, including false answer supervision, PBX hackig, SIM boxing, pricing arbitrage and more.

The solution continuously monitors all network traffic using call attempt evaluations, call records and commercial data to check for traffic anomalies and patterns that are typical of fraud.

Live Traffic Fraud Blocking

The Oculeus Anti-Fraud System includes Live Traffic Fraud Blocking capabilities. These capabilities eliminate or significantly reduce potential revenue losses caused by fraudulent traffic as the fraud evaluation and blocking are done in near-real-time before the start of a call.

These features work in conjunction with a SIP redirect server and a pre-call fraud detection engine to efficiently check, monitor and evaluate pre-call call attempts along with internal and external blocking information provided by the system.

Traffic Profiling and Fraud Detection

On a 30-day cycle, the Oculeus Anti-Fraud solution builds a near-real-time baseline profile of expected network traffic. The system automatically calculates the deviation for every 5 to 15 minutes of traffic either coming in or going out of a carrier destination. Whenever the traffic deviates from the baseline of expected behaviour, the system hands off the relevant CDRs to the fraud detection module.

For fraud detection, an unlimited number of scenarios can be analysed to confirm if there was indeed an instant of fraud. Parameters such as time, frequency, call value, destinations, origins and more can be used in this analysis. Once a pattern of fraudulent network activity is found, the A/B numbers are stored in a database that the SIP redirector pings in order for the system to either block the call or returns the SIP routing information.