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Company (that provides the nominated product / solution / service)Oculeus
Company size (employees)10 to 49
Type of solutionService

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* Clear Market Need - in many places, the burden of proving and even paying for the false charges resulting from telecoms fraud falls on the enterprise and relying solely on the telecommunications service provider for protection against PBX hacking and toll fraud is not sufficient. Today’s perpetrators of telecoms fraud are using advanced, fast moving technologies that significantly outpace the existing fraud protection practices of most telecommunications service providers, leaving enterprises constantly exposed to the expensive consequences of telecoms fraud.

* Real-Time and Automated Protection – the Oculeus-Protect service identifies and evaluates any suspicious voice traffic in real-time and instantly blocks traffic that is confirmed to be fraudulent. The entire process for evaluating suspicious traffic and stopping traffic confirmed to be fraudulent is fully automated and requires less than a second.

* No Impact on Call Quality – the Oculeus-Protect service provides enterprises with essential protection against PBX hacking and toll fraud with no noticeable impact the speed or quality of an enterprise’s voice communications. The service and the protection it provides operates in the background in a similar capacity to an antivirus software running on a laptop.

Brief Overview

Oculeus-Protect is a real-time, cloud-based telecoms fraud protection service for enterprises to directly protect their communications networks against PBX hacking and toll fraud.

The Oculeus-Protect service provides enterprises with an intelligent and automated framework to efficiently prevent false charges resulting from unauthorized usage of enterprise telecommunication channels by cybercriminals and other perpetrators of telecom fraud.

The service can block fraudulent telecommunications traffic within milliseconds and is completely independent of an enterprise’s telecommunications service provider and its telecoms fraud prevention efforts.

Oculeus’ new telecoms fraud protection service runs from regional Cloud environments managed by the company.

Oculeus-Protect is accessible through a quick and straightforward registration process. During this process, the enterprise’s PBX systems are registered and configured so that the signaling flows of calls are monitored.

After this registration and configuration is completed, the Oculeus service immediately protects the enterprise’s voice communications against PBX hacking and toll fraud without any impact on the quality of the calls.

The technology behind Oculeus’ service begins providing protection by profiling the enterprise’s communications network and building a baseline of expected telecommunications activities. The technology then continuously monitors the enterprise’s communications network for traffic anomalies and other patterns that are typical of telecoms fraud. Any suspicious traffic is immediately sent to a fraud detection engine, which is also located in Oculeus’ Cloud environment, and if confirmed to be fraudulent, is blocked instantly.

Enterprises registering for this service also have online access to an individual portal illustrating the state of the telecoms fraud protection activities as well as a range of reports detailing the enterprise’s voice communications activities.