Omada Identity Cloud

Additional Info

Company size (employees)100 to 499
Headquarters RegionEurope
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


Omada Identity Cloud is a unique SaaS-delivered IGA solution that meets the demands of modern businesses worldwide with an enterprise-grade IGA feature set that can be implemented in just twelve weeks; a stark contrast to the typical IGA deployment. The cloud architected solution has given companies the ability to support the new world of cloud operations in the same manner Omada has supported businesses that have preferred to deploy software on-premises. Omada Identity Cloud delivers essential identity governance functionality for secure, compliant, and efficient administration of all users’ (employees’, partners’, customers’, and contractors)’ access across all systems and applications. Omada Identity Cloud provides innovative technology that allows customers to manage the entire identity lifecycle, automate provisioning and deprovisioning, enable self-service access requests and approvals, manage roles including role mining and modeling, certify access continuously, implement Separation of Duty policies and constraints, simplify the password change process without involving the help desk, maintain compliance and audit reporting, and more.

The Omada Identity Cloud Accelerator Package, a repetitive five-step process proven to deliver fast time-to-value and scale, uniquely allows Omada Identity Cloud customers, in twelve weeks, to:

· Activate the solution, collect data from authoritative sources, set up basic reporting, ensure data quality assurance, analyze the identity lifecycle and set up role modeling
· Set up self-service access request and approval workflows, identify birthright entitlements, set up surveys, standard audit reports and views, onboard additional target systems and set up automatic provisioning
· Train practitioners and operations teams to effectively use Omada Identity Cloud within 12 weeks.

Omada’s highly scalable and performant solution provides efficient onboarding, quality connectivity, audit and compliance reporting support. The company has developed a best practice framework for design and deployment and has proven success at delivering immediate value to customers looking to upgrade from legacy solutions.

How we are different

Omada Identity Cloud is further unique from the competition in that it:
o is a full-featured SaaS solution, offering all necessary IGA capabilities, including advanced analytics, automation, identity lifecycle management, etc., that are available on-prem, with the highest governance and audit standards in the industry.
o is native to the cloud environment. It is a highly scalable and enterprise-ready modern solution, which supports automation of complex business processes while maintaining the utmost security, reliability and privacy on the back-end.
o can deliver minimized time-to-value in just twelve weeks with the Omada Identity Cloud Accelerator Package. A successful deployment sets the tone for a successful IGA program and is built and designed to meet the ongoing scale and demands of ever-changing businesses.