Additional Info

CompanyRed Sift
Company size (employees)50 to 99
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


OnDMARC is a SaaS product that helps to implement and maintain DMARC – the email authentication protocol that blocks phishing attacks, prevents email impersonation and increases the deliverability of genuine emails.

Although the DMARC protocol is readily available, many companies find it difficult to implement, and confusing with regards to the complex data it creates. OnDMARC utilizes Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to analyze and process these data points automatically, then deliver step-by-step action plans for the user to implement. This, combined with intuitive dashboards and live reporting notifications, enables companies to get to full DMARC protection much quicker, and removes the need for consultants.

Run as a cloud-based product on our Red Sift platform with a server up-time of 99.97% over the last 12 months, OnDMARC allows any sized organization to protect their email domains – from small charities and sole traders to large multinational law firms and government bodies. This scalable approach ensures not only a reliable and resilient service (particularly evident during the virus outbreak), but also a cost effective solution priced on the number of domains.

How we are different

Actionable insight - Often, companies will need to configure the DMARC protocol as a result of a binding directive but struggle to implement this complex technology correctly. Our ‘Investigate’ tool provides an instant checklist report for the status of each security protocol, enabling security administrations to make changes to their email configuration immediately without having to wait the usual 24 hours for the changes to propagate in the various systems. Our range of security compliance requirements allows IT teams to choose the most appropriate standard they’d like their emails to match in order to meet a clear target such as: UK Minimum Security Standards, US Binding Operational Directive 18:01, OnDMARC Default, or simply to maximize deliverability.

Dynamic SPF - The 10 lookup limit was introduced to protect against denial of service attacks whereby lookups could become circular/infinite and possibly take down a server. However, this limit has become an obstacle for many organisations due to the rise of cloud senders. Our ‘Dynamic SPF’ feature automatically ensures every record for all third party services is up to date. If anything were to happen to OnDMARC, there is no fear of email delivery rates being adversely affected because Dynamic SPF runs on a highly available, geo-distributed and redundant infrastructure independent of OnDMARC.

Trustworthy support - OnDMARC is the only ISO27001:2013 accredited DMARC solution on the market, ensuring we meet the highest external security standards, whilst our partnership with Entrust allows customers to purchase a VMC and successfully implement BIMI via a single solution. Customers can use our live chat feature within the app to get instant feedback from our engineers. We also offer firms under pressure the option of Accelerated deployment which has seen 12+ months of manual work achieved in just a few weeks, getting organizations to full protection faster.